Outlets: Hanna Andersson

Ah, Hanna Andersson – my love/hate relationship. For those of you who haven’t heard of the brand, it’s excellent quality and lasts forever but has prices that will make you do a double-take and can sometimes be slightly pretentious. I’ve only ever bought this brand used or for a 50%+ type of deal on a flash sale site, but last weekend when I was at the Wrentham Village outlets I checked out the Hanna Andersson outlet (I’ll write more posts on outlet shopping later). It was my first time in a physical Hanna store, let alone a Hanna outlet, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised, although you can definitely tell that this is an outlet store:

What's wrong with this photo? (hint: mannequins)

What’s wrong with this photo? (hint: check out the mannequins)

The store was fairly crowded but not as cramped as most outlets, and laid out like you would expect – more expensive stuff nicely displayed on folding tables and arranged nicely on the wall at the front, and descending into racks with stuff crammed onto it as you got further towards the back of the store. It was your standard girls’ on the right, boys’ on the left, women’s and swimwear at the back layout.

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  • The outlet seemed to have most categories that Hanna sells, but not all. They did not have much footwear or any jackets/outerwear, and they had only a few random accessory items – there was a $5 bin with a few packs of size 140 girl’s underwear in it and a couple of sad-looking hairclips in a box by the register, but that was about it. They did have women’s dresses if you are looking for mom as well!
  • The biggest selection was at the ends of the spectrum. They had plenty of baby items across all categories, and a huge amount of 140s and 160s, but some items were hit or miss in the 100/110/120 range. The clearance items (the $5 bin, $8 and $12 racks) are all organized by size and had very few items of clothing between 100 and 120. If you’re reading this going “what in the world is a size 100?!” I definitely remember that feeling at first. Different folks have different translations depending on how tall/skinny/polka-dotted your kid is, but basically a 2T is around a 90 and a 6 year old is around a 120, if that helps (here’s their official sizing chart).
  • The items with the most stock seemed to be dresses, pajamas, and T-shirts/tops. The boys’ side had a large wall area of $10 items, which seemed to be mostly T-shirts and shorts. Girls had a good selection overall, just less stuff on sale.


Items seemed to be priced in 3 categories:

  • 15% off: this was for their new items (including current season stuff which I was surprised to see in the outlet) and for some of the classics, like the twirl dress. Still very expensive, as it’s 15% off of the full retail price, so the outfit below still cost more than anything I’d buy for myself, let alone for a two-year old!
Cute crazy expensive dress

15% off = still $74!

  • 50% off: this was off the full retail price, and was offered on certain categories of items, primarily pajamas and baby layette items. Make the prices within reach if it’s a cute dress or something, though you are still going to want to buy leggings at Old Navy.
  • Fixed price: these were by far the best deals in the store, and the reason going to the outlet is absolutely worth it if you like Hanna. For example, the swimwear was priced at $14. All the swimwear. Boys, girls – everything from board shirts to bikinis hanging under a big “$14” sign. There were multiple $15 racks with a lot of sizes and styles, and a few $12 and $8 racks with limited sizes/selections.

Things to know before you go:

  • When I was there, the saleswomen had boxes of merchandise behind the counter that they were getting ready to put out in the clearance area. I happened to mention that I was looking for a hat and they let me look through a box of clearance hats before they were even out on the floor. So ask if you’re looking for something – they may have more stock that they haven’t put out yet.


My awesome $5 hat (for one of the kids, not me)!

My awesome $5 hat (for one of the kids, not me)!

  • If you’re not sure of what size your child is in Hanna, print out the sizing chart and bring it with you. They had a few but people kept taking them – easier to print your own and bring it.
  • Although you can get coupons for just about every other store at the Wrentham outlets via the VIP coupon book, AAA, military discounts, etc., Hanna is the exception. No discounts beyond what’s offered in the store.

And finally, I mentioned flash sale sites at the beginning – I’ll do a post about them at some point but the main ones with a lot of good kid’s brands (plus grown-up stuff!) are Zulily, MyHabit (which is part of Amazon so free shipping which is great), and Gilt. If you search Hanna Andersson on Zulily they have half a dozen random pieces of clothes for 50% off now, but generally all of these sites are flash sale sites, which means that they’ll have name brands on sale for deep discounts for a short amount of time, like a few days to a week. MyHabit has had Hanna Andersson before but I don’t know if Gilt has. I’ll try to update this part if I see a flash sale on any of the sites for Hanna Andersson. These are my invite links to Zulily, MyHabit, and Gilt – for Gilt if you sign up through my invite link you get $25 off of your first purchase (and I get a credit down the road – yay for both of us since I don’t get paid to blog and I doubt you get paid to shop!).

UPDATE: I wrote another post about visiting the outlets over Labor Day weekend and did a mini profile with pics of the Hanna Andersson outlet there if you want another snapshot – it’s this post: Children’s Clothing Labor Day Sales at the Outlets.


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