Get ready for RailsBridge Boston!

So this is not lifehacking but it relates to moms and potentially actual hacking, and it is awesome! RailsBridge is an organization that is dedicated to helping women get started programming in Ruby (a programming language) and Ruby on Rails (an open-source web framework. No idea what in the world that is? It’s ok, keep reading!). The workshop is for women (and their friends, so a few men, but mainly women) and it is FREE. Including FREE BABYSITTING from Parents in a Pinch. And FREE meals. And possibly FREE PARKING. And it’s all in one weekend, so you have no excuses.

And it is here (one less excuse)! There is a Railsbridge Boston workshop here next month, on the weekend of May 16 and 17th. Registration is not yet open (as of the date of this post) but sign up on their website to be notified of when it opens, as it fills up very quickly.

This is literally perfect for moms. Obviously you do not become a programmer in one weekend but there are lots of follow-up avenues to keep learning and coding is something that is often considered to be a growing opportunity for women who are looking for more flexible work arrangements.

Check out this video teaser from their site for a preview:

UPDATE: I just learned that the May workshop will focus on the Rails piece – they have separated the curriculum into two separate workshops, one focused on Ruby and one focused on Rails, to have more time to cover each. You can still sign up for this one but you need to have some familiarity with Ruby already.

Finally here is how describes itself:

"Web development that doesn't hurt"

How can you not love that?

Courtesy of

Live somewhere else besides Boston but are interested? Check out the Railsbridge chapters near you.

All photos courtesy of except the hands and heart photo which is courtesy of (nothing to do with Railsbridge Boston but I just liked the images!)


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