Where to donate hard-to-donate items (ex: did you know dogs would love your stained towels?)

I am a huge believer in donating things that you no longer need (or selling them, or freecycling, or whatever floats your boat). I’ve found, however, that some items can be hard to get rid of – you know that someone could get a lot of use out of them, but most major donation places don’t take them. So here are a few places to donate hard to find items – who knew ripped sheets could help dogs?!

cradlestocrayonsCradles to Crayons and most local food pantries will accept open diaper packs. So if your child has outgrown a size and there are still diapers left in the open package, these folks will pass them on to someone who needs them.

logo_mspca MSPCA Angell accepts blankets, towels, sheets, and soft bedding to give animals up for adoption a soft place to sleep. Worn towels, stained pillowcases, or ripped bedding – don’t throw them out!

h_logoThe Big Brother Big Sister Foundation accepts stuffed toys for children. If you haven’t tried to donate stuffed animals yet, you’re probably thinking “why is this here?” but most places that accept general donations or even children’s toys donations (note: Goodwill does not) will not take stuffed animals, even new with tags.

mch_logoThe Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless will accept furniture, even bulky items like couches and hutches (and rugs!) and will come pick it up. They will also take common household goods like electronics and kitchen appliances – if you’re moving please call them before putting stuff out on your curb!

AMRF_Logo1American Medical Resource Foundation accepts used medical supplies and equipment. They are based out of Brockton, MA, but you would need to email or call them to find out about the nearest drop off location. A local mom reports being able to donate her toddler’s used splint and boot to them – I would’ve had no idea what to do with that.

the wish projectThe Wish Project accepts baby gear such as strollers, car seats, high chairs, etc. and also accepts mattresses. They also accept appliances of all sizes. For large appliances such as washers and dryers there is a $5 free but they will even take non-working appliances. $5 for a family in need to get a washer – that’s worth a missed cup of coffee.


All of the above organizations take a much greater variety of items than what’s written above – I was simply trying to outline at least one option for each category of hard-to-donate items. I haven’t listed clothing or toy places, as there are many organizations that take those. If you need some starters, Goodwill is pretty easy for clothing donations no matter where you are, and Cradles for Crayons, the Salvation Army, and tons of local children’s organizations will take toys.

As always, I have no affiliation with any of the above organizations, and if you find other charities that take hard-to-place items that is great, please let me know! Hopefully this post will save a few things from the trash!

In case you need it or know someone who might, the links below allow you to search for food banks in MA or in any state.





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