Parents just don’t understand. . .

One of these things is not like the others. . .

I like wooden toys for my kids when I can find them, but given that I am not super-mom there are still plenty of plastic toys that play “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or similar fine melodies when I step on them every day. I buy Melissa & Doug and your usual contenders, but I saw a brand called Bannor Toys on a flash sale on Zulily. Their deal is that their toys are all organic wood, made in the USA.

So I’m browsing through their toys, pictured above, all of these nice eco-friendly wooden designs, and then I get to this:

Why yes, that would be an organic wooden smartphone. Not sure what the thought is here – “I’ll give my toddler a toy smartphone to play with, but by golly, it’ll be organic wood!” Maybe I’ll replace my husband’s iPhone with this and see how long it takes him to notice.

[All images courtesy of Zulily.]




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