Nordstrom Rack fun facts (Burlington, MA)

I love high-quality kids clothing, but I won’t pay the crazy prices that some brands charge. Um, $38 for a t-shirt for a five-year old? I don’t think so. Hence my love for Nordstrom Rack. I generally go to the one in Burlington, so this post is about that store, but hopefully some of it will be relevant across the board!

[Background: Nordstrom Rack is the “outlet” version for the department store Nordstrom. It also sells returns from Hautelook, an online flash sale site that Nordstrom owns.]

The Nordstrom Rack in Burlington has a decently sized children’s section, maybe 600 square feet. The brands I see the most of there are Tucker + Tate (Nordstrom’s own brand), Joe’s Jeans (which I hear are good for tall and thin kids but I still can’t pay the prices, even the Rack prices), Pumpkin Patch (cute) , and Peek (I’ve never bought any but some of my fellow Tea-lovers are obsessed with it). I love Tucker + Tate but my favorite brands to hunt for here are Tea Collection and Mini Boden here, two high quality brands that are just too expensive at full price.

Finding the clothes you want:

  • They do not get deliveries Saturday-Monday. Deliveries are mixed so one day might have girls clothes and the next day only adult clothing.
  • They have a free app called Search & Send which you can download onto your phone that allows you to scan a tag to see if the item is in stock in another size and theoretically show similar items (this part doesn’t really work)
  • Hautelook returns go to the Rack. It apparently takes about two months from an event on Hautelook for things to start showing up, although it could be sooner because you can drop your Hautelook items off at a Rack store instead of mailing them back for returns. Not sure what to do with this info, but it’s here if you want it. . .

Saving money:

  • They have “Clear the Rack” at all major holidays, where everything on clearance is an additional 25% off. The last one was July 4th and the next one is Labor Day weekend. I hadn’t realized that this happened so frequently.
  • Everything goes to a centralized warehouse so they wouldn’t necessarily get stuff from the Nordstrom down the road. The associates suggested that to get the lowest sale prices on specific items it’s best to search online, whereas if you’re open to some different things going to the physical store will get you the best deals.
  • You can return within 90 days for a refund, or for store credit afterwards. So if you are able to shop for your kids without said kids in tow, you can buy something you’re not totally sure will work without risking losing money by missing the return window, etc. It’s a pretty generous policy.

Any other tips? Please comment!


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