Retailer Review: Wild Child

wildchildbannerToday I’m reviewing Wild Child, a children’s boutique in Arlington, MA.  This post is mostly for the Boston-area readers who are fans of Tea Collection clothing.  I actually just went in to see what the store was about – I didn’t intend to write a post about it – but I thought there’d be an audience for it. I ended up interviewing the store owner, Rebecca Moudachirou, who took over store management last year, and who was kind enough to allow a random mom with a ponytail to take photos of her store.

Wild Child carries a variety of high-end children’s brands, including See Kai Run, Frugi, Livie & Luca, Le Top, and Addis & Anise (don’t worry, I had to go look up some of those brands too), but the brand they carry most of is Tea Collection.

[A little background on Tea Collection: Every year, Tea picks two destinations and sends its designers there to get inspiration to create a mini collection based on the location.  I’m a big fan of the brand because the clothes are beautiful but affordable (if you buy on sale, which readers of my Hanna Andersson outlet review know that I do!), and they look like kid’s clothes without being full of pink polka dots.  Not that there’s anything wrong with some pink polka-dots once in a while. . .  ]

But I digress. Wild Child used to be a Tea Passport store, and as of the newest Tea release, their Germany Collection, Wild Child is now a Tea Destination Store. What does this mean? More Tea. About a third of the floor space in the store is devoted to Tea, and they carry just about everything from the current collection. They also honor all general Tea promotions. But the reason why Wild Child is especially good for Tea fans is their clearance rack. I was able to find clothing from Tea’s past collections, including Morocco, China, South Africa, etc. (see slideshow for a sample of items that were in the store today), which is very rare. So if you’re looking for a specific piece of Tea clothing, you just might find it there. . . and it might be on sale.

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