Free admission to the Boston Children’s Museum!

bostonchildrenspostheaderAs many of my fellow Boston-area parents know, the Boston Children’s Museum is a very popular place to take your kids (or as anyone who’s ever waited in the admissions line might say, too popular). This is especially true in the hot days of August, when you’ve been to every sprinkler park what feels like 27 times, and the air conditioning is calling your name. But the admission fees mean that a family of four must pay $56 just to get in – not including parking or any extras. So how do we do it for less?

I’ve already written a post about using the passes from your local public library for deeply discounted admission, and I’m guessing people know about Target Fridays, where the museum (and other attractions) reduce admission to $1/person from 5PM-9PM on Friday nights courtesy of Target (I’ll write another post on this later). But 5-9PM is dinner time for many families, so the big news is. . .

This Friday, August 22, the Boston Children’s Museum will be open to everyone all day for FREE!

This is part of the Free Fun Friday series sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation, which underwrites free admission to at least 5 cultural attractions every Friday in the summer.  The Free Fun Friday on August 29 will include the Ecotarium as a participant, which is a great place to go with kids and learn new neat stuff in a fun environment. The list of other attractions providing free admissions includes the Museum of African American History, the Buttonwood Park Zoo, and the Emily Dickinson Museum (which I did not know existed until looking at the list of all participating museums, and which is now on my list to visit). For a full list of participants and details, visit the Highland Street Foundation’s site here.

Enjoy your visit!


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