Yesterday I went to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets to take advantage of the Labor Day weekend sales for children’s clothes. I visited the OshKosh, Gap Kids & Baby, Hanna Andersson, Carter’s, Crewcuts, and Hartstrings outlets. Yesterday I posted my reviews of the first three stores, including current merchandise photos, notable items, and of course my pick for the best deal at each outlet. And then I had to go to bed, because I was tired from all of that outlet visiting! So here is part 2, with reviews of the Carter’s, Crewcuts, and Hartstrings outlets (for part 1, click here)

Hover your mouse over each photo to read the caption, or click on any photo to see the captioned slide show for that store. Also, if you didn’t see the first post, a key piece of info is it’s worth stopping in the main office to get the VIP coupon book (free with a AAA card). I’ve listed the discounts that you get at each store in its review below. Happy shopping!


Carter’s Outlet (20% of a purchase of $40+ with coupon book)

I was really excited for the Carter’s outlet, because they had advertised a 50% off of everything sale, with an additional 25% off of clearance and $10 in Carter’s cash for every $40 spent. Turns out the 50% off excluded clearance, and the deals were good but not terrific. The OshKosh outlet (owned by the same company and about 200 feet away) had similar clothing for what I felt were better prices, so if you go definitely go to OshKosh if you’re visiting Carter’s.

Carter’s had doorbusters of $6 tops and $7 pants, and the tops were all long-sleeved new fall merchandise in fall/winter colors and designs, which was nice because some places had equivalently priced stuff that was the wrong season (ex: the Gap Outlet Kids & Baby store had $5 tops but they were all tank tops, which doesn’t help unless you’re stocking up for next year). The clearance racks had some good cool weather items as well, with double pajama sets for $16, so $12 after the 25% clearance discount for two sets of pajamas (they were separated out onto separate racks so you didn’t have to go digging for the PJs either). Those were my pick for the best deal, although another deal that I loved was the fact that there was a large assortment of mittens and gloves were $3.50 for two pairs after the 50% off, which is perfect if your children lose gloves at the rate that mine do!


Crewcuts Outlet (10% off a purchase of $100+ with coupon book)

The Crewcuts outlet should be called “still expensive but just less expensive”. It felt like a store – there was no clearance section, everything was beautifully laid out, and merchandise was priced accordingly. Almost all of the clothing was current season merchandise which accounted for some of the pricing, but Crewcuts is just more expensive than most of the other children’s brands at the outlets even at full retail.  Many items were 40% off, but the prices started really high, so a $60 dress was now on sale for $36 (very pretty, but for $20 I could buy a dress for the same quality at the Hanna Andersson outlet down the row). I don’t think you’re shopping here to get very low prices, though, so I’ll give the best deal award to the boys long-sleeved top in the photos below, just because I liked the labeled continents (my kids need that!) and was soft but also felt like very sturdy material that would last well.


Hartstrings Outlet (10% off a purchase of $50+ with coupon book)

The Hartstrings outlet is unusual in that it is comprised of about 50% own-brand merchandise (Hartstrings for girls and Kitestrings for boys) and 50% other random brands (at least they seem random to me).  It was a little dizzying – here are Hartstrings dresses, here are Nicole Miller outfits, here are Kitestrings tops, here are Puma track pants. . .

They didn’t have a unifying storewide event but most items were 50% off full retail (including a lot of fall merchandise). Hartstrings tends to have a lot of good online sales, so the more notable deals were actually on the non-Hartstring items, with the best deals occurring on big ticket items where you also got an extra 15% off. My pick for the #1 deal here were thick Puma winter coats, which retail for $80 but went down to $34 each after the 50% and 15% discounts. I didn’t buy one (our closets are stuffed with coats), so I’m not sure if you could’ve used the 10% off coupon in the outlet book on top of that price.

Here’s the link to the part 1 of this post, which covers the Hanna Andersson, OshKosh, and Gap Kids & Baby outlets.



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