Children’s Clothing Labor Day Sales at the Outlets (part 1 of 2)

Today I went to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets to take advantage of the Labor Day weekend sales for children’s clothes. I visited OshKosh, Hanna Andersson, Carter’s, Crewcuts, and Hartstrings outlets as well as the Gap Outlet Kids & Baby store (I know it sounds odd, but that’s what it’s called!). Below are my reviews of three of the six outlets (Gap, Hanna, and OshKosh), including current merchandise photos, notable items, and of course my pick for the best deal at each outlet. Hover your mouse over each photo to read the caption, or click on any photo to see the captioned slide show for that store. I’ll add reviews of the other three that I visited along with copious photos in part two of this entry, tomorrow [part 2 is now available, click here].

Other info about shopping for kids at the Wrentham outlets: it’s worth stopping in the main office to get the VIP coupon book (free with a AAA card). I’ve listed the discounts that you get at each store in its review below. The children’s outlets that I did not review are The Children’s Place Outlet (20% off a purchase of $40+), the Gymboree Outlet (20% off a purchase of $50+), the Disney Store Outlet (10% off a purchase of $40+), and Stride Rite Keds Sperry (10% off a purchase of $50+).

OshKosh Outlet (20% of a purchase of $40+ with coupon book)

The OshKosh outlet probably had the best overall deals on basic pieces. $5 T-shirts and leggings, and all jeans sizes 6M-5T were $10/pair (with larger sizes at $12/pair and a huge selection of styles). They had a large clearance section but it was disappointing – they had 25% off of clearance like their sister store Carter’s did but starting prices were higher. My pick for best deal were the t-shirts, there were both basic and more designed versions for $5 each, so you’re guaranteed to find something your little girl or guy will like. They also had the best PJ set I’ve seen.

Gap Outlet Kids & Baby (10% off a purchase of $75+ with the coupon book)

Overall Labor Day sale was 50% off of the entire store, but it excluded sale items. Prices weren’t that great to begin with and the clearance section was tiny, so I felt like you could get better deals at the clearance section or just a good sale at a regular GapKids store. My pick for the best deal here were the uniform separates, which were 50% off making polo shirts $8, which I gather is a good deal (my kids don’t need school uniforms). Second runner up were the $10 PJ sets with lots of cute choices.


Hanna Andersson outlet (no coupons available)

The Hanna Andersson outlet was a mixed bag. If you haven’t been to a Hanna outlet, read my earlier blog post on the topic – you will never pay retail again (because who can afford Hanna retail?!). Their Labor Day sale was a hodgepodge of different sales – some fixed prices ($10 shirts, $15 leggings), and some percentage off prices (ranging from 15% to 70%). The big sale that they were promoting was a $15 fixed price deal on pajamas, including long johns. My pick for the best deal here were the boys fleeces for $5 each found on the small clearance rack at the back. My second pick were the tights – $5 or $8 per pair, and they are thick, warm, and last forever.

Here’s where the reviews of Crewcuts, Hartstrings, and Carter’s should go, and I took plenty of photos and notes but am just too tired to keep writing. Tune in tomorrow for part two with my reviews of those outlets! In the meantime, this tired mom is going to bed! [Part 2 is now available, click here]



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