Good local kid-friendly Groupons on discount right now (ex: $2/drop-in pass at Together in Motion!)

imageThe free group deals site has some great savings on children and family activities right now, and a code (MYCITY20) for an additional 20% off today.

My five favorite deals (I’m planning ahead for cooler weather):

  • $28 for a 14-pack of drop-in passes to Together in Motion, a neat indoor playspace with classes (Arlington)
  • $23 for five passes to Jump On In, which I can only describe as giant complex bounce houses on steroids, meaning that in the most positive of ways – my kids love this place! (North Allston)
  • $9 for three rounds of indoor glow in the dark mini golf for two at GlowGolf (Wellsley)
  • $29 for a one-year family membership and three weeks of classes at The Little Gym (Woburn or Danvers)
  • $15 for two 60 minute open Jim sessions at SkyZone (including SkySocks, whatever those are – I’ve never been here, I just know it’s popular and usually expensive so I’m listing it!) (Danvers)

They also had deals for other places with the same activities (e.g. different indoor play spaces, mini golf places, etc – I just picked some to list here) and on a bunch of other child friendly activities like The Butterfly Garden in Chelmsford.

Finally, there are some good discounts on local restaurants with the MYCITY20 code – two that would be be easy with kids are Ixtapa in Lexington or Woburn ($9.60 for $20 of Mexican food) and Saray in Coolidge Corner ($13 for $30 of Turkish food).

The MYCITY20 code ends today (it was a two-day promotion), but most of these are still pretty good deals even without the extra 20% off. Groupon runs local % off deals pretty frequently, though, so if you sign up to get their emails you should see one in a month or so.

If you haven’t used Groupon before, the way it works is that they essentially get a volume discount from various businesses and then sell the products and services to you. So you’re paying Groupon but you’re getting a coupon worth $X at whatever business, and then when you go to the business you give them the coupon to pay. Coupons do have an expiration date (so for Little Gym it’s 180 days, for a lot of the restaurants it’s 90 days, but if you miss the expiration date it still counts for what you paid for it (example: I buy a $30 Groupon for $13 to Saray restaurant – I go within 90 days and it counts as $30 cash towards my bill. I go after its expired and it just counts for the same $13 I paid for it)

Please note: I do not get paid nor am I affiliated with anything I write about. If you happen to be someone who hasn’t signed up for Groupon yet and you’d like to sign up through my link to get one of these deals (or other ones), I will get a $10 credit (thank you!), because they give all members (yup, you too) a $10 credit if they refer someone new – it has nothing to do with my writing a post about it. I’m assuming most readers are on Groupon already, so I just get the satisfaction of writing about stuff that I think will be useful to others and that I like!


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