Native shoes – which style should you buy for your child? Guide to Jeffersons, Millers, and other watershoe/sneaker hybrids!

For my kids, summer isn’t summer without Native shoes. Or spring or fall, for that matter. Native is a Canadian company that makes lightweight injection-molded EVA shoes (among other products). Translation? Anti-microbial rubber shoes that adjust to kids’ feet, never get that stinky feet smell, and work as both water shoes and running around shoes. They’re light, easy to wash, and environmentally conscious – what’s not to love?!

I’ll tell you what – figuring out which ones to buy. They offer four styles of waterproof EVA shoes for kids, yet none of the retailers, nor the company itself, offer any type of comparison chart. So I decided to create one.

Click on the picture of each shoe above to see a summary and all of the color/patterns offered.

Short answer is that Jeffersons are the winner for us, because of their increased breathability due to the most perforations, the covered and reinforced toe, and the huge range of color options. They do run on the narrow side, so if your child has wide feet you might want to consider the Millers or the Veronas instead. And if your children are budding fashionistas, the Miller is the version with the most patterns included, although both Millers and Jeffersons do offer glitter and glow-in-the-dark (why?!) options. As for the Howards, if you’re a fan of boat shoes and happen to like one of the two colors they’re offered in, then maybe you two are a dream match, but for myself I just don’t get them.jennatives

Natives are washable but it’s not recommended to put them in the dishwasher/washing machine, and there’s not really a need to. Just scrub them out in the sink. When they’re starting to get dingy, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will work wonders (I usually only pull this out when it’s reached crazy levels – I figure kids will get dirty!)

Some of our Natives (both Jeffersons). . .

Some of our Natives (both Jeffersons). . .

Check out all the styles and versions below! Which are YOUR favorites? If there’s interest, I’ll do a further post on the cheapest places to buy natives!

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I am not affiliated with or compensated by Native Shoes in any way. All screenshots courtesy of Native Shoes – additional commentary superimposed is mine.  Info on fit (narrow/wide) comes from online chat with Native Shoes, backed up by retailer info, and of course the whole thing is backup up by lots of mom input!


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