National Free Museum Day this Saturday (9/26) – includes Ecotarium, Discovery Museums, etc. Thanks to the Smithsonian!

free museum day

The Smithsonian Institute and Smithsonian Magazine are sponsoring free admission to tons of museums around the country for Free Museum Day this Saturday, September 26th. Not all museums are participating, but lots are – it’s not just the Smithsonian or Smithsonian-affiliated musuems. For example, here in Boston you can get free admission to the Ecotarium, the Acton Discovery Museum (probably my favorite museum (museums? It’s actually two buildings) to take the kids to!), the Garden in the Woods (wouldn’t have considered this a museum but it’s a pretty neat place), and the Museum of Fine Arts, among others.

You have to register on their site to get your free tickets in advance. It’s a little funky because you register to get a ticket, but the ticket is then good for two people. So if you want to go as a family of four, you would have to have two adults register, thus getting two tickets which are then good for four people. Not sure why they set it up like this, but just a heads up since I wouldn’t want folks showing up and not being able to get in free and being disappointed. It wasn’t a problem for me to register twice (once with my spouse’s email) to get two tickets (e.g. thus admitting our whole family of four).

Also remember that if you like taking your kids to museums for free, or going yourself, many local public libraries have free or discounted passes to museums and other attractions as I wrote about in this post a few months ago.

Hope this is useful! Let us know where you end up going!


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