Where to buy winter Bogs boots (for kids, mostly) – price comparisons!

Photo from Bogs.com

I’m contemplating the purchase of a pair of Bogs winter boots for my older child, and lots of folks have raved about them, but they are very pricey. So I figured if I was going to do the research, might as well share it! Here is a price comparison across the major shoe sites (plus some others like REI outlet kindly suggested by members of the Quality Children’s Shoes B/S/T and Discussion Facebook group!).

Types of Bogs:

Obviously Bogs makes lots of different styles of shoes and boots. This post is just about Bogs winter boots.

Rain boots: Bogs makes regular rainboots and insulated rain boots (Tacoma, North Hampton, City Farmer, etc lines). Their insulated rainboots say they are good to 5 to 14°F depending on the boot, so you could possibly use these as winter boots depending on where you live. However, I live in Boston, where we got a zillion feet of snow last year, so I’m just going to look at the real winter boots!

Winter boots: The boots Bogs are known for are their Classic insulated boots, which are rated for use up to -30°F. They also have the newer Praire boot line which are lined with shearling and rated for use up to -4°F. However, since these have a higher starting price and aren’t rated to warm as deeply, I’m not going to look at them here (who am I kidding? The real reason I’m not going to look at them is because they have “waterproof suede uppers” and I am in the camp that true waterproof suede is an oxymoron). So, Classic waterproof insulated boots it is for our comparison purposes, although I’ll note if I see any amazing deals on others!

Girls and boys Bogs Classics come in sizes from 7 (toddler) to 6 (big kid), and Baby Bogs Classics come in sizes from 4 (toddler) to 10 (toddler). So if you have a young child who wears 7, 8, 9, or 10 toddler boots you have the choice of either option. I personally like the Baby Bogs Classics better as they are (1) a lot cheaper and (2) shorter and easier for little hands to pull on, but it’s up to you. Please note that Baby Bogs aren’t rated for as cold a temperature as their Kid Bog counterpart, no matter what the style, so Baby Bogs Classics are only rated to 14°F (although parents report that they work just as well).

The winners. . .

Baby Bogs Classics:  Bogs’ own website ($39.90, good selection), Amazon.com (from $34.99, decent selection), and if you want small Baby Bogs Classics, REI’s online outlet ($32.71 for two styles of toddler 4, 5, and 6 Baby Bogs).

Kids Bogs Classics:  Sadly, the Bogs website doesn’t even come close here – there is one sad pair of Kids Classics for $62 and the rest are full price. I’ll update this post if there’s a sale, of course, so you are welcome to follow it. The winners here are Diapers.com (good selection eligible for a 25% discount code making them $60), Amazon (huge selection but prices vary by size – use the searchable links below – some from $59.99), and EMS (only two styles available but one is basic black, $63 with coupon code plus cash back if you’re a member).

Other Insulated Bogs: Sierra Trading Post has two non-Classic insulated kids styles for what end up being over 50% off with coupons (one is $42 for Kids!). They also have a random selection of adult Bogs for great prices. Amazon has a few adult Bogs on sale as well so it’s worth checking if you’re looking for Bogs for yourself.

General Good Deals: Tiny Soles, an online children’s shoe boutique with a large brand selection, has a wide selection of Classics in both Baby and Kids styles, and they’re doing a special promo for QCS members (see details below) making Classics $42.50 and $68, respectively. They have free ship over $20 to Canada as well, so that’ll likely be the best deal for our Canadian friends, and the people there are really nice, so if you want a decent deal that applies to all styles that’s an easy way to go (note: I don’t get anything from them, they just have been really nice so deserve a shout-out).

Note: I looked at more sites than what was included here but in the interest of not making this even longer than it already is I didn’t include retailers that are good but didn’t have any particular Bogs deals (ex: Zappos, etc.).

Read on for full details and comparisons. . .

Bogslogoallblackbogs site new classicsBaby Bogs classics newLet’s start with Bogs’ own site first. Of course, you have the greatest variety here – there are 118 options for kids winter boots alone (the pics here are just the NEW classics for Kids and Baby), so if you are searching for a certain pattern obviously go to the source! For the new styles, the Bogs prices are $80 for the Kids Classic winter boots and $50 for the Baby Bogs (up to toddler 10) winter boots. They do have free ship and free returns. But for the real deals, you have to look at the sale sections, particularly for toddler sizes.
Bogs Kids salebogs baby sale

There are four patterns of Baby Bogs Classics on sale for $39.90, including Classic Flower Stripes which is one of my favorites. They have most toddler sizes from 4-10. They also have the Baby Bogs HOODOO boots for $29.90, which is a great price for a waterproof, insulated boot. These are only rated to 32°F, though, but if you’re in a warmer climate and have a kid wearing toddler sizes I would totally go for these. The Big Kids Bogs, however, have only one style of Classics on sale, the Olive Multi, and only in 11s and 12s for $62.60. The sale page seems to change every few days, though, so who knows what you’ll find next time. But for now, Bogs’ own site is a winner for Baby Bogs Classics but not for Kids Bogs Classics.

amazonlogoAmazon bogs selection examazon 20 percent bogsAmazon is currently running a promotion, FALL20OFF (through 10/28) for 20% off selected styles on tons of brands (the full list of brands and styles is here). There are two styles of Baby Bogs Classics included in the promo, so they would be $40 each after you entered the code. Interestingly, one of the styles is the boys skull style which is excluded from the Diapers promo – apparently skulls are polarizing.

Since Amazon carries almost as many Bogs as the company itself does, the prices vary wildly. I found some Bogs Classics (big kids) for as low as $59.95 – it just depends on the style. Here are Bogs Kids Girls, Bogs Kids Boys, and Bogs Baby – I would go to the one you want and then select your child’s size to see if there are any good deals. For example, the Boy’s Bogs Kids Classic boot in Camo is $59.99 in 7,8, 10, and other sizes, the Girl’s Classic High Tuscany boot in a toddler 7 (but the kid’s style, not the baby style) is $59.99, the Girls’ Classic High Bubbles boot in a 1 (and some other sizes) is $62.90. For Bogs Baby Classics, they had the Classic Camo style in a 10 for $34.99 and the Classic Daisy Dot in a 10 for $39.99 (oddly, not the really small baby sizes), but again this changes so rapidly I’d use the category link and size search functions to look for your individual child.

EMS Bogs link

EMSbogsEMS layerup couponEMS has only two styles of kids Classic Bogs available as of this writing, Black and Grape, both for $78. But they have free shipping and free returns over $48 and you can use coupon code LAYERUP for $15 off a $75 purchase, making them $63. LAYERUP is good until 10/21 on most merchandise, not just Bogs. Click here for a printable version of the coupon. No Baby Bogs and only a few adult Bogs at full price. EMS has a membership model so if you’re a member you will automatically get an additional cash back percentage at the end of the year (5%?), which may make this the best choice for folks who are EMS members.

REIoutletREIoutletbogs sizesREI’s online outlet had some great prices if you are looking for toddler sizes 4-10 and don’t mind pink skulls (girls Classics toddler 7, 8, and 10 for $52.73 and two styles of Baby Bogs Classics for $32.71 in sizes 4, 5, and 6). So this is the winner in terms of cheapest pair of Baby Bogs available! While this is technically the cheapest pair of Kids Classics, I’m not sure that many folks would choose to have their girls wear pink skulls every day to save $5. But hey, if that’s what you are looking for here you go!


Tiny Soles has a wide assortment of Bogs, with Classic Bogs in both Baby and Kids available in lots of different styles and sizes. They are full price ($80 for the Kids and $50 for Baby Classics), but Tiny Soles is offering a special 15% off coupon code for members of the Quality Children’s Shoes B/S/T and Discussion facebook group (feel free to join if you have kids who need shoes, or who have too many shoes!) so that makes the prices $68 and $42.50, respectively. Tiny Soles also offers free shipping to Canada for purchases over $20 (and FS in the US too), which is a rarity.

diapers.com square logodiapers bogsDiapers.com has a good selection of Bogs and is a great choice for Kids Classics if you are a new customer – use code FFOCTOBER (good until 11/1) for 25% off your purchase of select full-price items at Diapers.com, including kids Bogs! This is technically a new customer offer but it let me put the boots in my cart and showed the discount at checkout, so it should work even if you’re not a new customer (I didn’t go all the way to purchase).  This makes Kids Classic Bogs $60 in 12 different styles (black skulls are exempt, not sure why). Oddly, only one pattern of Baby Bogs Classics (the Baby Zoo) are included in the FFOCTOBER promo so those are $37.50 but the rest of the Baby Classics are $50. So totally worth it for Kid Classics but for the $2 difference I’d buy toddler sized Bogs at the actual Bogs site – I feel like it’s always best to buy from the manufacturer if you can in case there are problems down the road. But maybe that’s just me!

STP logo squareSTP kids bogsSierra Trading Post is one of my favorite footwear sites (check out their Smartwool sock prices – insane!) but it tends to be hit or miss. Right now, they don’t have any Classic Bogs, but they do have two other styles of Kids Bogs Boots for great prices – the insulated Summit boots in a 7 (toddler) and a 13, and the insulated Boga boots in sizes 4, 5, and 6. Their prices are listed at $54.95 and $69.95 but you can then use code ALCIDER5 through 10/20 to get an additional 25% off (and half off shipping), making them $41.21 and $52.46, respectively. If that code has expired trying clicking through to their site and hanging out on it without buying anything for a few minutes – you should get an offer pop up to sign up for emails and save 25-30%. Also some good deals on women’s Bogs.


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