Tea Collection on sale!

You all know we love Tea Collection children’s clothing, and today is a perfect storm of both Tea Collection’s own Friends and Family sale and some third party sales as well, so hopefully you’ll find what you want at a good price!

Tea Collection’s Friends and Family sale is 25% off of everything on their website with code “FAMILIA”. It’s important to note that this sale doesn’t have any exclusions, so you can get the discount on sale merchandise and on other brands that Tea carries, like Patagonia down jackets.
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Everything in in the above sale is Tea’s current line, Argentina/Bolivia. For Tea from past seasons, check out Zulily and Nordstrom Rack. Zulily is a flash sale site that offers deeply discounted merchandise from lots of different retailers for 2-4 days at a time, so they’ll only have Tea available for a few more days. Nordstrom Rack is the “outlet” for Nordstrom’s department stores and has the same brands as Nordstrom’s just with a limited selection and later on.


Right now both Zulily and Nordstrom Rack have a lot of Germany, Tea’s fall/winter line from last year, on sale. It’s worth looking at both sites to see which has the cheaper price as it can be kind of random. Right now  Zulily has a much bigger selection (especially baby Tea) but Nordstrom has a few odd pieces of Tea from prior destinations at great prices if they happen to be the size you need. For example, we own these Capri pedal pushers from Tea’s Morocco line two years ago, and they are thick and comfy and $7.99, so if you happen to need the one size they have you’re in luck:


Happy shopping!

Please note that this post contains both affiliate links (Tea, Zulily) and regular links (Nordstrom Rack).  The point is to tell you where the cheapest prices are so obviously I want to include everywhere with good sales!



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