Today’s Hanna Andersson sale ($29 dresses and 50% off tights) – what’s worth it and what’s not

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Lately it seems like Hanna Andersson has a new sale every few days, so it’s hard to know what to buy and when. Today they are advertising $29 girls dresses and 50% off of tights (good online today online, good through Sunday in stores). Here’s what I would and wouldn’t buy:


Velour Tutu Twirl dresses in classic colors ($29, retail is $59). These are timeless – Hanna makes these (or a slight variation on these) every year. They are perfect for the holidays,  but can also be worn as regular everyday dresses – my girl loves how twirly these are. At $29 instead of the regular $59, I’d grab these.

HA velour tutu twirl dress

Sweater dresses ($29, retail is $52-$69). $29 is a great price for Hanna sweater dresses, which are warm and cozy and really well made. My favorite is the Schoolhaus sweater dress with swans – I ordered this in multiple sizes. The hearts and “X”s on the photo below are more about my style picks than any sort of value picks (I happen to like the Cozy Tunic sweater dress better in navy than in Charming (pink)). The Just Add Ruffles dress is already sold out in some sizes, but I’m not a fan of short sleeve sweater dresses in general unless you can layer them, and the dress is already pretty busy so I’m not sure what type of layer you’d add to it.

HA sweater dresses 29

Floral Pop Dress ($29, retail is $45). Interestingly, one of the lowest percentage discounts in the sale (although 40% still isn’t bad!), but this one is already sold out in a bunch of sizes in each color, so if you want this dress I’d buy it now.

HA Floral Pop dress

Tights ($9-$12, retail is $18-$24). Hanna tights are thick and last a long time, and half off is the best you’ll do unless you happen to hit an outlet right. I would especially stock up on the plain colors and on any patterns that you want to match a specific dress. Unlike in the dresses category, where only some dresses are on sale, ALL of the tights are 50% off, so there are about 40 different choices (I’ve just picked a few below). What’s also nice is that unlike dresses these do include baby sizes, so if you want to buy your six month old tights, they’re half off just like the bigger kids.

HA tights half off


Velour Tutu Twirl dresses in glitter stripes ($29, retail is $65). These are a good price and will probably sell out, but I saw these in person and they just looked like too much. One of the reasons we love Hanna is that they have these classic, timeless designs, and so taking the beloved twirly dress and adding stripes in addition to the tulle and glitter stripes at that just looked like someone kept adding when they should’ve stopped. I think these dresses would’ve been really cute it they had done the glitter stripes instead of the tulle, but both together didn’t work for me.

ha valour striped twirly

Bow Trimmed Skater dress ($29, retail is $49). I’m betting there will be a bigger discount on this one. It’s available in all sizes and it’s short sleeves, which fewer people are buying now. They also aren’t promoting it with a matching cardigan or showing a long-sleeved way to wear it in the stock pics, which means I think most people will pass it over now and they’ll end up doing a further discount later.

ha bow trimmed skater dress

Most dresses not on sale now. Sadly, plenty of dresses are not included in the $29 sale, so if you want a dress that isn’t included I’d wait until they have a different sale that maybe might include it (or a general % off promo). If it’s a dress you love then get it because their dresses often sell out, but if there are dresses you just like and you see that they are still in stock in all sizes then go with the sale ones for now!

I wanted to put a photo of her favorite Hanna sweater dress but somehow all the ones I could find are with a jacket on top. So here's the bottom portion!

I wanted to put a photo of her favorite Hanna sweater dress but somehow all the ones I could find are with a jacket on top. So here’s the bottom portion!

All of the opinions above are mine – I have no secret knowledge on what will sell out or go on sale, just a lot of shopping experience. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks!


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