Subscription activity boxes for kids (STEM too!): Green Kid Crafts and Kiwi Crate 50-70% off Black Friday sales now live

kiwigreen headerI have no idea how we are seeing Black Friday deals a week and a half before Thanksgiving, but I’m not complaining. Two of the major subscription kid’s activity box companies, Kiwi Crate and Green Craft Kids, have just launched their deals today, and they are awfully good ones – 60-70% off a first subscription box (making them around $10) and 50% off of existing boxes, kits, projects, etc.

The idea behind both is that your kids get a box every month with various projects and crafts to learn about a theme (but the great thing is that you can purchase a one-month subscription or individual boxes). Green Kid Crafts are oriented around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) projects (not sure when it switched from STEM to STEAM), and are big on everything being made from eco-friendly materials. They tend to be a little more raw-form – kids are creating the projects from scratch, and have more projects (4-8 per box) with more of an instructional bent. Kiwi Crates offer fewer projects per box (2-3) but with more finished materials, and with more of a fun aspect than a STEM/discovery aspect. However, a big differentiator is that Kiwi Crate offers different subscriptions for different age ranges while Green Kid Crafts offers one subscription for ages 3-10. Pricewise they are similar – with the discount you’ll be able to get your first box for ~$10, and with the 50% discount you can get individual activities for $4+ or previously released boxes for $9-13.  These are by far the lowest prices you’ll see for either company over the year so we will be stocking up for presents both for our kids and for birthday parties, etc. – the kits are really nice and come packaged well so are a very solid gift.

The summary and the codes:

Green Kid Crafts has 70% off of your first month’s subscription with code 70SUB (you can get a one-month subscription or cancel at any time if you get a longer subscription but don’t like it), and 50% off of any single Discovery Box, Creativity Kit, or Science Kit with code 50SHOP.

Kiwi Crate has 60% off of your first month’s subscription with code SUB60 and 50% off of individual purchases with code SHOP50. This includes prior boxes, individual activities, holiday activities, etc.

I love the eco-friendliness and STEM feel to Green Craft Kids but Kiwi Crate just has many more choices, so if you are looking for a specific interest Kiwi Crate may win it. Kiwi Crate also is the likely winner if you have a much older or younger kid – I think a 3 year old would be happier with Kiwi Crate’s Koala Crate or a 10 year old with their Tinker Crate, whereas for kids in the middle of the 3-10 age range it could go either way. If you have multiple kids Green Craft Kids is definitely the winner as there are more activities per box and the specific age range matters less.

Read on for more info and examples!

Green Kid Crafts:


Their spiel: “Our Discovery Boxes for kids pack a lot of fun and learning into convenient packages. Developed by teachers, crafty moms and STEAM experts (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) to support key developmental skills for kids ages 3-10, each Discovery Box celebrates creativity with craft projects and activates thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as we guide children through fun science experiments. Each box contains 4-8 Creativity and STEAM Kits, extension activities, and a 20+ page themed Green Kid Activity Guide.” I copied it over because it’s a pretty accurate summary!

Some of the boxes that have been included in past subscriptions and that are available to buy as part of the 50% off sale are Ocean Science, Nocturnal Animals, Dinosaurs, Music Science, and Kitchen Science. The science of sound box (the Music one) is supposed to be particularly good, with seven different projects and detailed explanations to help kids understand how things work). I also love the Ocean Science one – you get to create glowing jellyfish for the bath and explain oil spills to a four year old all in one box, how cool is that? I’ve heard the Kitchen Science one is supposed to be good for slightly older kids (5+) because it includes experiments like Fizzy Bath Bombs and a volcano where they can learn about chemical reactions by seeing how baking soda reacts to citric acid and vinegar, respectively, and I remember the Weather kit being great but it looks like it’s in the previews but is sold out (still, if you see it pop back up I’d take a chance on it).

They also have Creativity Kits which include things like a giant Creativity Art Box with all kids of eco-friendly supplies and projects (50% off of $24.95, so $12.48) and plenty of smaller items as well. There’s a Storytelling Kit to make various characters  or a Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle (both 50% off of $7.95, so $3.98 each- would be great stocking stuffers). The Planetarium kit is amazing – you’re basically creating the ability to project constellations onto the ceiling out of nothing and is also $3.98 after the discount code.

Kiwi Crate:

Kiwi Crate boxes include general themes like Space Hero, Fairy Fun, or Day at the Lake, although there are some with more science oriented themes like Wonders of Water, which talks about buoyancy. And how can you not love their shapes box with a name like Spheres and Their Peers?! Koala Crates (3-4Y), Doodle Crates (9-16+), and Tinker Crates (9-16+) all have their own different themes as well. All of the crates I just mentioned are $9.98 after the 50% off (originally $19.95, although the price per crate goes down as you buy multiples of the same crate)

I like Kiwi Crate’s non-crate offerings, especially their Party Favors. For example, if you were having a party and wanted to do really nice favors you could buy multiples of the Magic Wand or Rocket kits, bringing the price down to less than $3 with the 50% off code. I also like that they have a variety of different holiday crates and activities ranging from Handmade Hannukah to Glowing Snow Globe.

My other favorites:

Besides some of the things highlighted below, here are two things I love. The first I will actually be buying for my children (UPDATE: I bought it and finally wrote a review post, here). The second I am just wishing I had a child old enough to have an excuse to buy it!

Green Kid Crafts Holidays Around the World Double Box Pack:

GKC Holidays around the world

I’m buying this one – it’s a double box set, so two full boxes about holidays in different countries. Projects include making Diwali candles, a Chinese hand kite, Guatemalan worry dolls, an African mask, Japanese lanterns and more. Plus we need a new full-size world map! I have not gotten this one before but I will report back on how it is!

Tinker Crate (Kiwi Crate’s 9-16+ line) Hydraulic Claw crate:

TC Hydraulic Claw

I want to build this! It would be too advanced for my kids but I’m 16+, right?!


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