Tea Collection Cyber Monday / Black Friday sales (UPDATED)

Below is the post I wrote before Tea’s Black Friday sale went live, and it turns out my predictions were pretty good (woo-hoo). Tea’s Black Friday sale ends tonight (11/28) and Cyber Monday begins tomorrow (11/29). Tea’s Cyber Monday sale is very different from BF, since instead of a selection of items discounted to fixed price points, Cyber Monday is a flat percentage off the entire site. Last year it was 30% off everything and free shipping.

Here is the link to the Cyber Monday sale  – it will hopefully go live at midnight PST (Tea is based in California), but things have been known to happen earlier, so here’s hoping!

Tea Collection has announced their Black Friday sale, which will start tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m very excited for it because their advance copy says the price points will be $12, $15, and $17. Now I just want to know what’s included! We know dresses will be $15, but which ones?

This is their generic banner, which I’m including as it will auto-update as soon as the sale is live, so if you’re awake and I’m asleep you’ll see it, and here are the direct links to Girl, Boy, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy. I’ve put all the advance copy I have plus my picks for favorite styles below.
Auto Updating Promotional Banner

Shop Girl Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection
Shop Boy Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection
Shop Boy Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection
Shop Boy Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection

My hoped-fors:

Split Neck dresses. I love these because the cut is flattering, they are available in cute designs, and they winterize really well with a long-sleeve top underneath so they work for year round. I think these will be $15 – even though Tea hasn’t done this style before the dresses in this style are already on sale from $35 to $26.95 or from $29.50 to $22.95 or $18.95, so I think they’d likely put at least some of these in the $15 dress sale.

image_1_7image_17Tea split neck

Skater dresses. These are just so much cuter in real life than in Tea’s stock pics! For example this is the Cinco Sentidos Skater Dress. How much nicer are the colors in person than in Tea’s stock photo? These have already been reduced from $35 to $25.95, so $15 is possible but I’m not as sure as I am about the Split Neck dresses.

image_1_9image_2_6Tea skater dresses

Boys Long-Sleeved Graphic Tees. I really want a couple of these (there are way more than pictured below, but the bike and saltenas are my two favorites), and I’m betting we see some in the sale.

Tea boys ls ab

The Paola Sateen Skate Dress in Cosmic Berry. Pics below are of the same dress in gold, from last year’s fall/winter destination, which clearly I like enough to have multiples of, but I love the Cosmic Berry color. This is one of their special occasion dresses and retails at $59. Obviously they are not going to sell this for $15 but I’m hoping it’s discounted enough so I can buy it (and if not, there’s always Cyber Monday – usually a % off sale) image_18

More info from Tea:

“Some might know it as the $15 dress sale, but we have something for everyone…. Tea’s highly anticipated Black Friday Event kicks off tomorrow! Grab best selling styles for Girl, Boy, Baby Girl and Baby Boy at $12, $15 & 17. It’s Tea’s biggest Black Friday Event to date and it’s running TuesdaySaturday.”

So. . . we like the price points ($12, $15, $17) and we know the end date (Saturday). Now we wait to see what’s included!

Random dreaming:

tea gaucho geo dreams

The one piece of Tea I most want from this collection is the boy’s Gaucho Geo Hooded Sweater. There is no way it will be in this sale – it came out in the first release and has only recently gotten marked down from $69.00 to $51.95 (which might as well be $5,195 for all the good it does me) – but a girl can dream!

Photos are either from Tea Collection or the author (I think you can figure out which are which!) This post does contain affiliate links. Thanks!



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