New Chrome App Helps Women Stop Saying “Just” and “Sorry” in Emails

“Tami Reiss has a New Year’s resolution, and Gmail will help her keep it. With her company’s new Chrome browser extension, Reiss has put a bull’s-eye on the on the tempering words and phrases—just, I think, sorry—that clutter up her emails, undermine her authority, and dilute her leadership capacity.”

Source: New Chrome App Helps Women Stop Saying “Just” and “Sorry” in Emails

I love this XXfactor article from Slate staff writer Christina Cauterucci about the new Just Not Sorry chrome browser extension. The Just Not Sorry app was designed by Tami Reiss as a way to highlight words and phrases like sorry, does this make sense, I think, and more that many women tend to unconsciously insert in their email which weaken their arguments and dilute their authority.

I’ll write a more detailed blog post later with my own review of the app, but wanted to get this out there because I think it’s so good. Interestingly, when I shared this with a few friends last night, several women who grew up in other countries expressed that this wasn’t a problem for them as their native languages didn’t have the same undermining words used in the same way. Can’t wait to see if this becomes more than an English-language app and if so what languages they choose.

What do you think about an app to help you send more effective emails by reducing undermining words and phrases? The Slate article presents this as more of a woman’s problem – do you think this applies to just women or men as well?


One thought on “New Chrome App Helps Women Stop Saying “Just” and “Sorry” in Emails

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