Last-minute New Year’s crafts for kids (party hats and a 2016 calendar)

Had a scramble this morning when the kids wanted to do “special New Year’s projects” so I’m sharing the two we ended up doing in case you’re in the same boat this afternoon and want some free, quick, and easy New Year’s projects to do with your kids.

Color-your-own free printable 2016 CD desk calendar

This is a cute, FREE project from Kiwi Crate (the kids subscription box people – you can see an old post I wrote about them if you want more info, although it’s out of date now). You download and print the calendar for your kids to color in – it has an adorable kiwi bird and there’s not a logo on the months or anything so it really is just a fun thing. Then you can put it into an old CD case (yes, we have too many of those) to make it into a nice little desk calendar. A project that is cute, easy, and free – that’s my speed.

You could of course download and print a regular calendar from anywhere and let the kids color on it, but this one has the added bonus that my DD was excited to make this as a “special present for daddy at his work”, so I’ll get bonus points on that one 😉 It felt a little more like a substantial project to them than just coloring, and we did then get to discuss CDs versus the music that just magically lives on your phone. Which of course led to the conversation about how we didn’t have music on our phones when I was a kid because we didn’t have cell phones when I was a kid, which always leads to incredulous dinosaur questions!

Making and decorating your own party hats

party hatsThere are so many ways to do this one, and my kids love to make hats. You can go with the standard construction paper crown technique (let the kids  cut if age-appropriate, color, tape / staple, and there you go), or make it more “festive” by using two layers of construction paper. We made a bunch of these – not sure if they plan to switch hats every five minutes or what.

We also decorated some store-bought cheap party hats (we always have a pack or two of these in our art supply drawer, as they get used for costumes as well). You can probably tell that my youngest decorated this one – obviously a New Year’s party hat needs a frog sticker and a blue post-it note!

Wishing you all happy new year!

Photos of 2016 Printable CD desk calendar are courtesy of Kiwi Crate.




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