Photos: Hanna Andersson $10 sale – in store photos to show what’s on sale / left

posted earlier earliabout Hanna Andersson‘s $10 sale, today in-stores only, that includes pretty much everything that had been on sale already, so about 2/3 of the store! Here are lots of photos I just took so you can get a sense of what it’s like and if it’s worth going in.

Hanna Andersson $10 purchase

Part of my purchase. The best deal was this fleece-lined sweater jacket, originally priced at $89, which was. . . $10!

Hanna is also having an online sale with items like $5 lunch boxes and $15 dresses, so worth checking that out, but if you can go to a store, go! $10 pajamas, pants, dresses, sweaters, hoodies, and what seemed like all the other sale categories of children’s clothing and accessories. The in-store sale does not include outerwear or shoes, just clothing and accessories, although outerwear is on sale online.

These photos were as of ~2PM, so it’s not like I went in right when it opened. There was still a really good selection IMO, and I was looking for sizes 90-130 (3-8Y) primarily, so it wasn’t just tiny sizes or huge sizes. Plenty of holiday pajamas, a smaller selection of non-holiday pajamas, and all kinds of clothes. Some things like the velour tutu twirl dress weren’t in store when I got there but are still available online in a lot of sizes (this was $65 and is $15 today only in the online sale).

Tips for shopping the in-store sale:

Search the whole store. The store was somewhat disorganized so for certain items it looked like they were sold out in the size I wanted but when I went to a different sections found them – for example a dress I wanted was in the boys area with pants!

Check out the rack near the register. There is a rack where the Hanna associates at the registers were putting everything that people didn’t take, as they were so busy ringing people up that they couldn’t put it back on the floor right away. But it was all available for purchase and most people weren’t looking there so I found some good items on that rack.

Ask the price. The baby area  in the back didn’t have $10 signs so I assumed it was new  merchandise that wasn’t on sale. But when I asked, it turned out that most of the baby items were $10, they just didn’t have the signage.

Photos of the Hanna Andersson Burlington store during the $10 one-day sale:

I tried to take lots of photos so am uploading them all here. If you click on any photo it will enlarge the photo so you can see better – I thought about a full-sized slideshow but figured this way people could just look at what they wanted!

Hanna Andersson store photo



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