Did you know? Sam’s Club has a special membership deal for new and expecting moms!

A mama friend just asked about the Sam’s club new moms membership deal, so I thought I’d write it up here to hopefully help others! Sam’s Club has a Mom’s Corner which is not advertised on their main site, where new and expectant moms can get a special deal on a Sam’s Club membership, which generally works out to be close to getting it for free.

Current Sam’s Club new and expecting moms membership deal:

Sam's Club New Moms membership discount

When you join through the Mom’s Corner, you get a $20 e-gift card plus $155 in other savings. The e-gift card can be used like cash on your first purchase at Sam’s Club, so if you get a basic $45 membership it’s like getting it for $25.

The $155 in other savings really should be advertised as “up to” $155 in other savings in my opinion, because it’s special new mom coupons on various baby items so it’s unlikely that you’d need to buy every single one of the baby items and thus get the full $155. Still, you’d likely use a bunch of them – enough to make up the other $25 of membership cost. You can see all of the current Mom’s Corner new mom coupons here, but some examples are $4 off of Pampers and Huggies baby wipes, $5 off of Enfamil, Similac, and Member’s Mark formula, and $20 off a Safety 1st Ever Fit 3-in-1 car seat.

Sam's Club New Mom new membership coupons - examples

An example of some of the coupons you get with the Sam’s Club New Mom membership deal

This membership deal is available until January 31, 2016. The other deal that they’ve had before is. . .

Prior deal – free membership:

In September, Sam’s Club had a deal where they offered a free 180 day membership to new and expecting moms. This expired on September 29th, although I’ve heard that they offer it every September, so I’ll check next fall and update this post (you can like this post or follow my blog if you want to get updates). The free membership deal did not come with the coupons and e-gfit card, though.

Tips and tricks:

  • Sam’s Club offers free shipping on diapers, wipes, formula, and many other items, so you can theoretically join and not actually go to the store if you want to be a more disciplined shopper than I am (somehow we always leave with a gallon of ketchup, or something totally random where the price seemed too good to pass up and then you get home and are like “um, what  was I thinking?!”)
  • You can also get free shipping on other items and and get a discount when you do subscribe and save, similar to Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program and Amazon Family (formerly Amazon Mom), so it’s worth looking for things like paper towels and non-baby related items as well.Amazon Family - save 20% on diapers with subscribe and save
  • Use New Mom coupons first, then compare with Amazon Family. I took a look at some random baby items at both Sam’s Club and Amazon, and who has the best price varies by item. The special coupons that you get when joining Sam’s with the new mom membership generally make things cheaper than Amazon (like the $8 off Huggie’s diapers coupon, or $30 of a selected crib), but they are one-time coupons, so after you use them up if you have a certain brand of diapers or baby shampoo or whatnot that you want to get regularly, it’s worth comparing.
    • If you don’t have Amazon Prime (which gives you free two-day shipping on just about everything), you can get a 30-day free trial here: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
  • If ordering online, check out other Sam’s Club categories besides Baby, since baby and kids related items may be hidden elsewhere. For example, they have good prices on laundry detergents, both baby-specific like Dreft and others, but those are in the Home category. We like Seventh Generation Free and Clear laundry detergent and a 50 load bottle is $9.48 with free shipping at Sam’s.

Hope this helps, and remember – no one needs a gallon-sized bottle of ketchup!

Another impulse purchase from Sam's Club - why did we think we needed 40 bags of popcorn?!

Another impulse purchase from Sam’s Club – why did we think we needed 40 bags of popcorn?!





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