Need help feeding your family? Want to help others in need? Food Link MA and more.

imageIf you need help feeding your family or know folks who do, or if you want to volunteer to help others get food, I just learned about a neat organization, Food Link MA. I was at my local library recently and saw a great display of food resources, so I reached out to the organization to get more information.

imageWhat is Food Link?

Food Link Food Link MA is a non-profit that partners with local grocery stores to take their excess food to places like after-school programs and food pantries where it can be distributed to local residents in need. For example, Whole Foods sets aside items including fresh produce and Food Link volunteers pick it up and bring it to where it’s needed.

I hadn’t even heard of Food Link until last week but I think it’s a fantastic concept – they’re taking things that otherwise might go to waste and bringing them to places where people who need food can get it.

Need help?

Here is a list of organizations that Food Link brings food to in MA. This is obviously just a partial list of where you can go if you need help with food – there are many more resources out there!

If you are not in MA or just want more options, here are two non-profits that I found that have searchable directories of food pantries by state: (allows you to search within X miles of a zip code) and (has good contact info on results).

Want to help?

Food Link uses volunteers to collect, sort, and distribute food. Much of this is done in the early morning or the evening, so outside of regular business hours. They do allow kids to come along so this could be a good volunteer activity to do as a family in your community. Here’s their page on volunteering.

Looking for other ways to volunteer with your kids? Here’s my post from Thanksgiving, How to Help Kids Give Back. Or if you’re looking to donate non-food items, check out Where to Donate Hard-To-Donate Items (Did You Know Dogs Would Love Your Stained Towels?).


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