It’s raining – let’s make some snowmen!

Supplies for making your own snowman craft projectThis morning my kids really wanted to build a snowman, only it’s raining and we have no snow. So we got out our crafty sides and did a snowman art activity instead – making textured snowmen pictures out of random items from around the house. We also decided that we were going to eat all the carrots except one, which we would save in a “super special hiding place” until it snowed so we would have a nose all ready when it snows (the “super special hiding place” is our refrigerator’s butter compartment, but that’s another story. . .)

Making snowmen craft activity : what you’ll need

I suggested this idea to one of my kids in response to the discussion about why we couldn’t make a real snowman because I foolishly assumed we had cotton balls or cotton puffs. But apparently I somehow had bought cotton rectangles the last time I bought toiletries – why?! – so we had to cut them into round shapes. If you are a regular person you won’t have this problem and can just start with whatever’s in your medicine cabinet.

The other requirements are really just glue, something to draw with, and stuff to  glue on, whatever you’d like. one of my children is currently obsessed with Perler beads, so somehow two of those got added on as eyes, for example.

How to make a textured snowman: what we did

  • Glue down three circles of cotton for the snowman’s body.

Drawing arms on the snowman

  • Draw some arms. If you have pipe cleaners, you could make pipe-cleaner arms, but I couldn’t find ours. You will note that my youngest decided that her snowman needed to have lots of arms from all different places – apparently she subscribes to the Dadaism school of art.


  • Add a face and buttons, or whatever embellishments you’d like. It feels kind of silly to be writing this as show-to, since the fun about this project was that we were just able to use whatever random items we had. If your kids wanted to, they  could draw on the face and color the cotton with markers – mine wanted to glue stuff. We ended up using pom-pops, stickers (the scarf is actually a stray glittery letter “V” sticker), the aforementioned fuse beads, and random cut-out paper.


Coloring orange for the snowman's nose

Making “orange paper for noses!”

Hurrah for snowmen on a rainy day. . .





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