Ugg. . . Big Nordstrom UGGs sale (kids UGGs up to 50% off as of time of writing)

Uggs Womens Bailey Button bootsI used to not understand UGGs at all, and then I got a pair passed down to me by a friend whose feet had swollen after her kids, and now I kind of get them. They are insanely warm and comfortable, and the combo of shearling lining plus soles that can actually grip has something to be said for it. So I feel compelled to post that Nordstrom is having a big sale on many styles of UGGs (and we like Nordstrom, of course, because it has free shipping and free returns on everything, and I hate to pay for shipping!)

For women’s UGGs, the sales were limited to 33% off and below, but they have some different colors of the Bailey Button boots (like the blue ones in the picture to the right) for 30% off which I know are very popular. And they have a bunch of styles that were just added so if you are looking for the latest Uggs this is your place.

But if you want some for your children, they have over 90 styles of kids UGGs, with over 25 styles of kids and baby UGGs on sale for 30-50% off. So I feel like I should write about this because my blog is in part on deals on related to kids, and my friends tell me that these are really good markdowns and prices for UGGs (I checked Amazon and some other places to confirm, much as I love my friends). But I still don’t totally get the UGGs thing for kids, because won’t their feet grow out of them in a year?

Here are some of my favorite kids UGGs that were in the 40-50% off category. Although I wouldn’t actually put the heeled ones on my daughter – she’s not Suri Cruise.

Kids Classic Short Ugg BootsCassie Bow Uggs Baby and WalkerUgg Patchwork Boots for KidsUgg Briar Boots for Kids



So I guess the point of this post is if you want to buy UGGs for your kids you may as well spend the least amount of money doing it!

Ugg Toscano and Wool Throw

Really like Uggs? You can buy this Ugg blanket for $4,500. Although I can’t look at this photo without thinking “they’re storing their firewood wrong!”



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