Free shipping, no minimum: Gymboree and Crazy 8 big sales today

Gymboree and Crazy 8 clothing and hair accessoriesSo the way to remember Dr. King’s legacy is by. . . free shipping on everything? Not sure I understand this, but I’ll take it. Gymboree and Crazy 8 are all offering free shipping with no minimum purchase on top of their deeply discounted winter sales for today only.

Here are the deals and what I like best from each store:


What to buy:

Basics and accessories! They are good quality, very inexpensive right now, and last really well. Also if you have a child who is an Olivia the Pig fan they had a fall line with a licensing agreement so there are items like

My particular favorites are hair accessories (you can partially see from above that we have the Ribbon Bow Ponytail Holder in all the colors they made, and right now some headbands and sets of clips are $2.09, with free shipping – can’t beat that), the leggings (plain colors to go with everything or ones that are a little more whimsical but not too cutesy), and the cute animal dresses like the Teacup Kitty dress, the Princess Puppy dress, or the Fox Sweater dress.

Crazy 8

  • Free shipping (no minimum purchase) and an extra 15% off your order with code CELEBR8. (Today only)
  • Up to 75% off the entire store, including:
  • Tees starting at $2.99
  • Dresses starting at $4.99
  • Shoes starting at $3.99 (note: I’ve never bought their shoes so I have no idea how the quality  is)
  • 30% off entire purchase including new arrivals (this is unclear to me – it’s advertised on their main page but then there’s no code, just the code for the extra 15%, so not sure if it’s taken or not already (as opposed to the 15% which won’t show up until you go to check out)

What to buy:

Tops and tees – all sizes, both  genders. They aren’t kidding about the $2.99 and up bit – it’s not like one shirt is $2.99 and the rest are “and up”. Lots of nice tops ranging from plain shirts to their glitter sparkle shirts at $3.49 (Sparkle Dot, Sparkle Unicorn, Sparkle Star, etc)  And of course I buy accessories here too -hair accessories but also tights and socks (and free ship no minimum means you can buy one and it ships free!)

The boys’ pants are also on a big sale now and I’ve heard good things about them, though haven’t tried them. They have tons of choices from cargos to cords to lined pants (love lined pants) so may be worth checking those out.


Gymboree free shipping and hair accessories

Yes, they really will ship you less than $5 of stuff for free and give you GymBucks, too. . .






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