Hanna Andersson – 20% off clearance – $14.40 pajamas online plus the other best deals

Yet another Hanna Andersson sale – today is 20% off clearance. Here’s what’s worth noting (the main deal is organic cotton pajamas for $14.40)


nna Andersson organic cotton pajamasThey have mostly holiday patterns, although the pair above is $14.40 and doesn’t look too holiday-like to me. The Cozy Blue Cabin pajamas are also $14.40 and seem winter-like but don’t scream holiday the way the green Elf pajamas do (also $14.40).

Somehow all of the clearance PJs for kids must be categorized as girls or unisex, since the link for girls clearance PJs has all of the ones included in boys as well.

There are also baby organic cotton one-piece pajamas, with and without feet, for $20, as well as some girls and boys pajamas on clearance for $20.


Hanna Andersson mouse tightsGirls clearance tights start at $6.40, which is an excellent price for Hanna tights – regular retail is $22. Sizes vary – some colors and patterns have lots of selection and some like these super-cute Cozy Critter Tights (look at the little mouse!) are sold out of all sizes except the largest ones.

Slippers and shoes:

Hanna Andersson Swedish Slipper mocassinsLots of slippers and shoes, including their Swedish slipper mocassins are on sale. The Swedish Mocs start at $9.60 and go to $10.40 for character pairs like these Star Wars ones. There also were some nice leather boots for 65% off, so it’s worth checking those out as well if you need boots.






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