Boden / Mini Boden upcoming sample sales and outlet info

I wanted to share the news of the upcoming Boden sample sales and the Boden outlet, as well as tips for shopping the sample sale! Did you know that there’s a Boden and Mini Boden sample sale in Boston this Saturday? I had originally combined two brands that I like into this post and written about the Melissa & Doug online outlet store  as well, but I’ve now edited this post to be just Boden focused. (If you want to see my Melissa & Doug post, it’s here)

Boden Sample Sale – General:

Boden Sample Sale Preview and Coupon signup

Boden has sample sales coming up in Boston on February 13, in Philadelphia on April 9, and in Pittsburgh on May 7. You do not need an invitation or to sign up in advance, although you can register here to get a free $5 off coupon. I’ve put the coupon that they send at the bottom of this post in case they close the link or you can’t get it to work – it’s not person-specific with a code so you could just print the image if you needed to. The coupon is good for all Boden 2016 sample sales – last time people had photocopies and it was fine.

Tips for shopping Boden sample sales:

  • Get there early if you want to buy Mini Boden (children’s clothing) – people start lining up around 3 hours before the start because when the doors open they let in a set number of people in groups, so oftentimes people in the first group will grab most of the kids’ clothing. If you want to by women’s Boden for yourself it’s totally fine to go later in the day.
  • Stalk the discards – people will grab lots of items and then go sort through them, so if you go later you can still often get good stuff from items that people in earlier groups grabbed but didn’t keep.
  • Bring a bag – or more than one. You want to have your arms free to pick up clothes and be able to carry stuff around with you. If you have one of those big IKEA bags, those are perfect.
  • Inventory varies – at the Boston ones at least they have sometimes had great selections and sometimes just the same few pieces over and over. Way different from the Tea Collection sample sales, which are much rarer and only in CA, but have a huge variety of inventory.
  • Be mindful of pricing – the updated price list for their 2016 sample sales is below – you can see that the extent of the deal varies on the category. So women’s Boden dresses for $40 are unheard of, but you can sometimes get Mini Boden tops for $15 on clearance at Boden or at, so that’s less of an amazing deal (here is current Boden and Mini Boden on sale at, which has free shipping on everything, no minimum, if you want to compare).  Boden Sample Sale 2016 price list
  • Wear leggings and a tank top if you’re shopping for yourself in addition to the kids – you’ll want to be able to try things on over your clothes easily.

The Boden Outlet:

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to the Boden outlet myself, and I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends who have – some say it’s fantastic and they saved tons, others say it was a big disappointment. So I’ll just stick to the location and hours, and please comment on this blog post if you want to add a review!

The Boden and Mini Boden outlet is located in Pittston, PA, at 73 South Main Street (zip code 18640 for your GPS). Hours are a little random – it’s only open Thursday through Sunday and the hours change each day:

  • Thursdays: 12-7PM
  • Fridays: 10AM-4PM
  • Saturdays: 10AM-4PM
  • Sundays: 12-4PM

Boden Sample Sale Coupon:

Again, better to sign up and have it emailed to you, but in case you need to print it, here it is:

Boden Sample Sale 2016 $5 coupon



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