Did you know that Melissa & Doug has an online outlet store?

Did you know that Melissa & Doug has an on-line outlet store? I had originally written a post on outlets and sample sales that combined Boden and Melissa & Doug, but I think that ended up being confusing so I’m splitting it into two posts (if you want my Boden post, it’s here).  This one is now about the Melissa & Doug outlet only!

Melissa & Doug Outlet Store Overview:

Melissa & Doug outlet store onlineI was very excited to recently learn that Melissa & Doug has an online outlet store!  Lots of toys, etc., but they have random clothing items too – I didn’t even know that Melissa & Doug made clothing so I can’t speak to the quality of it, but Melissa & Doug toys are awesome. I like their wooden toys especially, and that they make pretty much everything from puzzles to fine motor skills toys to pretend play items to stuffed animals (these are obviously not made of wood). The online outlet seems to have a good mix of different types of products, up to 50% off.

My favorites from the outlet store:

Melissa & Doug is currently running a promotion for free personalization (no code required, and this works on non-outlet items too) through February 10, so this makes some of the outlet items an even better deal, like the Pattern-Matching Lace Up Set – Button Up Bear and the Picture Window Sound Sorting Set each 40% off, so $5.99 and $11.99, respectively, but then you don’t have to pay to have your child’s name engraved on it so really a bigger savings.

Other outlet items that I thought were particularly good deals were the costumes at 50% off (like Super Hero Girl – yeah!), the huge variety of puzzles for different levels at 30-50% off, and the Mountain Bridge and Tunnel set for 40% off, which is compatible with Thomas and other trains (or buy it with the Melissa & Doug Locomotive and Diesel engine set, also 40% off at $5.99).

More savings tips:

Melissa & Doug also has a free shipping promo at $49 right now (doesn’t seem to have a code – just appears at the top of the site – so I’m not sure how long this one lasts for). They do occassionally have percentage off promos that can be used on the regular site and the outlet – last week they had a Valentine’s Day promo for 16% off (for 2016. . .) – there isn’t one as of this writing (2/9), but if you’re reading this at a later date if there is a percentage off promo it would appear at the top of the site.

You can combine items from the online outlet store and the regular Melissa & Doug site into one cart, so it’s worth taking a look in both places. A lot of times the non-outlet items will be cheaper in Amazon’s Melissa & Doug store, so of course also compare prices that way, but if you’re looking at certain toys or using a special deal like free personalization then the regular Melissa & Doug site has a chance.

Finally, the Melissa & Doug Outlet Store and the regular online store are both on eBates, currently at 5% cash back, so if you use eBates don’t forget to activate it. (If you’ve never heard of it, eBates is a service that partners with lots of big name brands like Gap, Nordstrom, Kohls, some Amazon categories, etc., where if you shop through eBates or have the toolbar activated you get a pre-set percentage cash back from each merchant. I am sure they then sell the data on consumer habits or use it for who knows what but so far I have not gotten any unsolicited emails as a result of it and I have gotten cash back, so I like it. Depends how you feel about your data).



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