Interesting homework assignments (or, tune in for the shirt of 100 straws)

Box of drinking straws

Is it a box of straws or an article of clothing? The choice depends on if you’re a parent or an elementary schooler (or Tim Gunn, I suppose), but either way answer is that it’s also homework.

I’m sure everyone’s kids have received some interesting assignments in their time, but this is the strangest one I’ve seen yet. In recognition of the 100th day of school my daughter has to create and wear a piece of clothing made from one hundred of the same household object.

She’s chosen straws – harder than a soda tab necklace but way easier than the yogurt containers my spouse originally suggested (and that’s a lot of yogurt to eat in a week. . .). The logical choice would be to string them into a giant necklace, but that would be too easy. Instead, she wants to make a shirt out of them.

Will this turn out to be a neat learning experience for her or a mess for mom? Tune in in a few days to find out – I’ll post pictures of the results. Wish us luck!




One thought on “Interesting homework assignments (or, tune in for the shirt of 100 straws)

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