Boston-area children’s boutiques that I love w/ President’s Day sales (and online ordering!)

Two of my favorite Boston-area baby and kid-related boutiques, Magic Beans and Wild Child, are having good Presidents Day Weekend / Valentine’s Day sales, so worth stopping in if you are nearby or checking them out online if you’re not. I have shopped at both stores for years – since before my oldest was born, in the case of Magic Beans, since I remember buying our stroller there. Now Magic Beans has a very comprehensive online stores and six locations, one in Connecticut, but I still think of it as that same local store.

Wild Child

Wild Child and its owner

“Helping” Wild Child’s owner one past Halloween

Wild Child is in one location and doesn’t have an online shop, although they will generally ship for you if they can. It is a destination store for Tea Collection, my favorite children’s clothing brand, meaning they get the new Tea releases first and have a good selection. They also carry lots of other good kid’s clothing brands, shoes, toys, accessories, etc.

For Presidents Day/Valentine’s Day weekend Wild Child is having a sale for $10 off of $50, $20 off of $100, or $40 off of $200. Can’t be combined with other offers but good on sale merchandise, which is nice.

Wild Child also has weekly events like storytime and yoga for kids, so it’s very much a community place. The best way to find out about their events is either to join their mailing list or to check out their Facebook page – the actual website tends to be out-of-date.

Magic Beans

Magic Beans also has a friendly, community atmosphere, although I can only speak to the stores in the greater Boston area on this one. They have some clothing but are really more about the massive amount of stuff that comes with babies and kids – everything from car seats to straw cups to high chairs to toys. Like Wild Child, I like Magic Beans because the people working here really know their stuff – they have answered some pretty esoteric questions for me. And if you can’t get to the store but need advice on a purchase, they have these great online guides for different products like baby carriers, strollers, toys, etc. (or you can always call them).

For President’s Day Weekend, Magic Beans is offering 15% off toys and small gear with code George&Abe. They are also doing a giveaway of a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair that you can enter from 2/15-2/29 (the 2/14 giveaway is for a Halo Bassinest Luxe Plus Swivel Sleeper):

I like to go into the store if I can, but their online store is really well laid out – for example, in addition to the usual shop by age or best of options, they have some neat options like choosing to see only organic toys. You can also do a baby registry with them, which is nice if you want to go with a more local store instead of an Amazon baby registry or whatnot. (ETA: There is no news here. I am merely sharing this because I thought it might be useful, not because our family is in need of a baby registry now!)

Also, in looking at the toys on sale, I noticed that they classified the OK to Wake Clock, one of my top children’s products ever, as a toy (in the “Science Kits and Educational Toys” category). I’m hard pressed to see how this could count as a toy – it’s an alarm clock and nightlight – but it means that it’s eligible for the 15% off sale!

Totally random aside: I have no idea how WordPress chooses what to show under “related posts” – I previewed this one and it told me a related post was one where I’d posted about scientists announcing the possible discovery of a ninth planet. What that has to do with this I have no idea.


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