Hanna Andersson Hanna-Me-Downs program and one-day sale

UPDATE: This post was written yesterday, 3/13/16, so the one-day sale is over, sadly, although Hanna-Me-Downs (HMD) have now started! The 20% off swim sale is still going on (hurrah!), and that combines with HMD. Also, in terms of things that I’m noticing are going fast online, some of the $25 dresses are sold out or backordered in certain sizes (for example I wanted the Apple Red So Breezy Sundress and it says “Your size in this style is super popular! We expect to ship yours on 4/13/2016”) and a lot of the Art Tess have gone fast – there are only two sizes left in the bug shirt. So if you want it and you see it in your local store I would grab it. Now back to the original post:


Hanna-me-downs postcard

Hanna Andersson is having loads of sales, including a 20% off one-day sale today, and their Hanna-Me-Downs (HMD) program starts tomorrow so I thought I’d do a write up on all of the discounts plus my picks on what to buy during today’s sale vs. with HMDs vs. wait on.

Hanna Andersson Sales:

Today (3/13) is a one-day sale of 20% off of everything plus free shipping at $100. This is a good discount because it includes sale items, so 20% off of those makes for some good bargains. This is a great sale if you don’t live near a Hanna stora – Hanna shipping is expensive and they rarely offer free ship. If you’re near a store you can generally select ship to store at checkout and they’ll ship to your nearby store for free, but if you don’t live near a store shipping stinks. (Here’s a link to their store locator). This sale is good online and in-store.

Other sales that are going on that extend beyond the one-day sale but are great because you can double-dip are 20% off all swimwear and 20% off of all tights. Then there are also select tees on sale for $15  and dresses for $25, and a sale of buy one, get one 50% off on select underwear.

Hanna Andersson Hanna-Me-Downs (HMD):

Hanna-me-downsHanna-me-downs is a great concept: you bring a piece of gently used Hanna Andersson merchandise into one of their stores from 3/14-3/20, they donate it to kids in need, and you get 25% off of your purchase. Yes, your entire purchase – you don’t need to bring a piece of clothing for every item you want to buy, but just one piece gets you 25% off your in-store purchase (with a couple of exclusions, of course). The discount is good on sale items, too, so check out what hidden treasures your local store might have on its clearance rack!

This is good at Hanna Andersson stores only, not outlets, and you don’t have to have the postcard – just bring in a piece of gently used Hanna for the discount.

So Many Sales – What to Buy When:

For swimwear I’d buy today during the one-day sale. It ends up being 34% off when you combine the 20% off sale and the 20% swim sale. Hanna-me-downs will get you 25% off – we don’t know if the swim sale will still be going on – so I’m taking the 36% and have just order some new swim for my kids.

A small selection of our past season's Hanna swimwear

A small selection of our past season’s Hanna swimwear

Tights and socks are also the same deal – 20% off plus the 20% off one-day sale makes them 36% off today – but unless you need tights right now I’d wait on buying them. The weather is warming up and we should see better deals on tights between now and next winter, so I’d wait to stock up.

Character pajamas I would buy today, as the fine print for HMD says it excludes licensed items. So Star Wars, Frozen, Snoopy, Dr. Seuss, Superman/Wonder Woman, Disney, Mickey Mouse, etc. are all 20% off today but per their fine print will be excluded tomorrow. Disney Princess and Star Wars are the two types that seem to sell out the quickest, in my opinion, so I’d buy those first.

I’d also take advantage of the buy one, get the second for 50% off underwear sale, which combines with the 20% off sale. Hanna underwear is great quality but not cheap, so getting something like the organic cotton training unders for boys or girls with this deal works out pretty well – 20% off of one pack is $22.40, and then 50% off the 20% off price for the second pack makes it $11.20, so you get two packs for $33.60 (instead of the $56 it would cost for two packs at regular price).

Finally, if you want tee shirts a bunch of the Art Tees and regular graphic tees that have already sold out in a bunch of sizes, so I’d buy those today. They are reduced to $12-$15, from $25, so Hana would have to both still have what you want in stock tomorrow and still have it on sale, both of which are unknowns. This adorable boys tee with different tractors is already sold out in everything below size 120. Fortunately, the sunglasses-wearing brocolli tee is still available in allsizes (I don’t know why I love this one so much, but I do).

Some things that I would wait on for HMDs are the play dresses and the flip-flops – both super cute but cheaper at 25% off and a lot of different styles so if you don’t love a particular one you could probably wait further into the season and get them.

Boys new arrivals should also be cheaper during HMDs, so for the newest polos, cargos, etc., I’d wait. For girls it’s a little tougher since a lot of the items they have marked as new arrivals are dresses that are part of the dress sale, for example, so I don’t know if those will be cheaper today or tomorrow.

Other thoughts? Please comment below, and happy shopping!



All opinions expressed in this post are the author’s own. This post does contain affiliate links, but I’ve bought our tons of Hanna at retail or online just like everyone else!





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