Buying Native shoes – sales(!)

It’s spring and a young mom’s thoughts turn to. . . shoes. Specifically, it’s time to buy my kids their annual pairs of Natives. So of course I have to price compare and want to share what I found. For online shopping is the general winner with their discount code SUNNYSKY30 making lots of Natives $22-$26 if they have your size, but if you don’t want to deal with hunting through sizes and styles then Amazon‘s your best bet. has a few sizes really cheaply, and the Native Shoes website itself doesn’t have a promotion beyond the 10% for signing up for email, but they do have the biggest selection and all sizes. Here are more details (and if you’re new to Natives my post on different types of Natives and sizing is here), including the excellent other sources friends have found Natives at for cheaply (your local Marshalls – who knew?!)

Overall deals:

Let’s start with – they are having an up to 30% off sale with code SUNNYSKY30, good through 4/17. Details are “Save 20% off $50, 25% off $75, 30% off $100 of full-price clothing, shoes, or accessories! Enter code SUNNYSKY30” (copied from their website). A bunch of the basic Natives are $30-$32, so $21-$26 depending on the discount. Sizes are selling out super-fast, though. has pretty good prices on Natives, although not as good as the current sale for Jeffersons. For Millers it seems like Amazon has a bunch around the $20 price point, which are the cheapest I can find right now. For Jeffersons, the price changes based on size and color, so there are some in the low $20s and some that are full price. The colors that seem to be the best deals right now are Pink, Surfer Blue, Black, Pigeon Gray, and Fire Truck Red. doesn’t have a sale right now, so unfortunately everything is full-priced. You can sign up for their emails and get a 10% off coupon, though. And although the prices may be higher they of course have the widest selection and everything in stock! ( also has a lot of Natives but everything is full price, so then I feel like it’s better to buy direct).

Specific sized deals:

If you are looking for sizes 2 or 3 Little Kid, head to For some reason their Natives are more expensive in just about all other sizes (though I did find one deal on a size 4 toddler), but they have great prices on several styles in sizes 2 and 3. The Fire Truck Red Jeffersons are only $15.99, and a few colors of Native Millers are $17.99.

Another random source – sells Natives, and so if you happen to want Green Native Millers in Toddler 4 or 5, they are on sale for $20.95. Told you it was random.

Brick-and-mortar stores with possible deals:

I’ve been hearing word of people  scoring amazing deals (like $10-$15) on Natives at various brick-and-mortar stores. Marshall’s apparently can sometimes have great deals on them, depending on where you live (I’ve never seen Natives at a Marshall’s in the Northeast, but maybe it’s a once-in-a-great-while secret). Sadly, you can’t shop at Marshall’s online (the link is to their store locator page) but if you have one near you it may be worth checking out. Thanks to the members of the Facebook group Quality Childrens Shoes B/S/T and Discussion for the tips on these!

Likewise, lots of reports of people finding great deals on Natives (usually Jeffersons) at their local Nordstrom Racks. I searched on and sadly didn’t see anything online for kids Natives, but I will keep checking. I also took a look at’s Native section for kids and everything was full price, but again if you go to a Nordstrom Rack or a Nordstrom store you might get lucky!


Can’t decide if I love these or if they’re too 70s for me!



All prices are as of 8:30PM on 4/13/16 and are subject to change at all stores – probably implicit but don’t want anyone yelling at me!

I looked at all the good shoe sources and wrote about the ones that were the cheapest. However, this post does contain some affiliate links, which do not influence the content (e.g. I put the cheapest place to buy each thing and some recommendations are things that I have affiliate links for and some aren’t, so some are regular links and some are affiliate links).





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