Crazy 8 one-day sale ($2.88, free shipping!)

Crazy 8 Crazy Sale March 16 $2.88Crazy 8 is having a one-day sale today, with everything under $10.99, lots of items at $2.88, and free shipping no minimum purchase. Normally we’d just post this on the Mom Life: Deals, Tips and Tricks facebook page like we do most deals, but this sale is so good I felt compelled to write a full blog post on it.

Crazy 8 May 16th Sale Overview:

  • Free shipping, no minimum amount: this is my favorite ever. I love when stores do this because then you can order a headband for $2 and it ships free. Not so good for them, but good for me. Use code SAVEBIG to get the free shipping.
  • Everything $10.99 and under, online and in-stores: great if you want to buy the newer releases or more expensive items like coats – it’s all been reduced.
  • $2.88 and up clearance (online only): now this is where I spend my time! Need t-shirts for camp? $2.88. Want to stock up on tights for the fall? $2.88. There are tons of great deals here, and I’ll point out my picks for best deals in the next section.

Best deals: Tops

Short and long sleeve, girls and boys, Crazy 8 has a big selection of tops at $2.88 (or go crazy and pick from the $3.88 or $4.88 price points, you big spender, you). My personal faves:

  • Applique tops: Crazy 8 makes surprising nice applique tops – very cute and they wear well (this bunny shirt, now $2.88 has been in heavy rotation in our house for a while, so I’m buying a size up). Or for baby/toddler boys, the Camo Dino Tee and Monster Thermal (with a sherpa yeti!) look like Boden at a fraction of the cost.
  • Sparkles/Glitter/Hearts: Basically, if you would like something sparkly for $2.88 that is not crazy ostentatious, you can get it here. I bought the Sparkle Fish Tee, Sparkle Floral Bird Tee (long-sleeved), and Sparkle Floral Panda Tee, $2.88 each. I like these because they are cute but not blinding. I had many other choices (the Sparkle Bird Tee, for example, vs. the Sparkle Floral Bird Tee – totally different shirts), and I haven’t even mentioned the various sequined hearts, sparkly writing, or glitter embellishments one can choose from.
  • Animals: As you can tell by my favorites so far, there are tops for just about any animal you might want. A favorite here is the $2.88 boys Digital Dino Tee (boys sizes 4-14), but they have a whole variety, from short-sleeve summer animal tees to long-sleeved tops with penguins or bears.
  • Others: I also liked some of the long-sleeve thermal shirts if you wanted to buy ahead for winter (these tended to be $4.88), some of the shirts with sayings (“Happy”, “Little Ninja”, etc. for $2.88), and the boys/toddler boys button downs. They had a really nice-looking gingham shirt, a 100% brushed cotton poplin button down for $4.88, in sizes from 12M to 4Y, if you’re also a gingham fan.

Best Deals: Others

  • Tights: In the clearance section there are tons of girls and toddler girls tights for $2.88 each, including good basics like plain gray tights, cute ones like white with a red heart at the knee, and fleece-lined footless tights, which I’ve never bought from Crazy 8 before but which sound like a great option for the winter. Their regular priced tights are also on sale for $4 each if you buy more than one pair.
  • Accessories: Most of the hair accessories in our house come from Crazy 8 or its sister company, Gymboree, from sales like this. I think these cute lavendar flower ponytail holders are adorable, even more so because they’re $1.88 and Crazy 8 will ship them to me for free. And when the Blossom Headbands are $2.88, I don’t care that my daughter will get magic marker on them during the first wear (how? is she drawing on her head? I don’t understand this.)
  • Tea Collection lovers: You all probably know that I am obsessed with Tea Collection. Well, Crazy 8 has these great microfleece pants in a shade they call Neon Peach, which is extremely similar to the coral color from Tea’s Argentina/Bolivia collection. The soft Tea pants in that color sold out quickly at $20+, but Crazy 8’s are $3.88. Yes, please. Additionally, they have a cute Lace Panel Top, long-sleeved in Heather Gray with white lace at the top, which reminds me of a top tee produced for their Germany and Old World Hungary Lines. This is $2.88 but sold out in a lot of sizes. (please note: I don’t want to get sued here! I am not saying anyone copied anyone else, just noting that I love Tea Collection and that Crazy 8 has some cute similar items at very low prices that I’m going to mix-and-match).
  • Warm stuff: You can find cute sweater dresses in the clearance section, and jackets for both boys and girls on sale in the regular section. Depending on how your child grows, it might be worth taking a look. There’s an adorable Fair Isle sweater dress for $6.88 in the girls section (sizes XS-XL, 4 to 14), which was almost a home run for me until I noticed the 3/4 sleeves (I refuse to buy 3/4 sleeve sweaters on principle).

Shopping Tips:

Crazy 8’s sizing overlaps, with Toddler Girls/Boys going up to 5Y (not T), and Girls/Boys starting at 4Y. So if you’ve got a child who wears 4s or 5s, check both sections. Sometimes they will have similar styles and it’ll be much cheaper in one section than the other.

Likewise, if you are looking for accessories, check both sections. For accessories they tend to have totally different styles, so if you’re looking for a hat or hair clips check the other section too. This works even if you have a 2 year old or a 7 year old – Crazy 8’s one size fits all stuff tends to fit a good range.

Beware of the bikinis and backpacks! There’s an odd glitch in Crazy 8’s system where as part of making the whole store $10.99 and under, they’ve taken some items that are regularly $10.88, and marked them “down” to $10.99. Not sure how no one caught this, but just FYI. So if you’re looking at the regular merchandise (non-clearance), be careful around the swim and backpacks section, because you’ll see some things that look like this:

Crazy 8 backpacks on sale

What’s wrong with this picture?!

Happy shopping!







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