Free stuff! Buy an Amazon sample box, get an equal credit

Amazon Sample Box Deal
The super sample box deal (Buy a sample box, get equal credit on a future purchase!*) from Amazon is back! You’re essentially getting a bunch of free stuff – buy a sample box in a variety of categories like Household, Beauty & Grooming, Snacks, etc. and receive a credit for the purchase price to spend in that general category. Good for Prime members only, sadly (for a free trial of Prime click here).

Here’s the link to all of the current Buy a Sample Box, Get Equal Credit on a Future Purchase deals (and the *terms & conditions). Some are pretty specific, like Cookies or Men’s Grooming, and some are more general like Snacks or Suds. Here are two of the boxes that I bought:

Suds Sample Box (under “Household”)

Amazon Suds Sample BoxThe Suds Sample Box is described as “a variety of laundry products, detergents, and hand soaps.” The one I picked was advertised as pay $7.99 and get $7.99 off your next Household Supplies Purchase. I checked to make sure that the credit wasn’t limited to being used on the brands or products in the box, and it’s not – it’s for the broader Household category, currently giving me 984 choices including toilet paper, batteries, tissues, trash bags, and pretty much everything you’d think of. You can read more about how it works here.

So what is this stuff that I’ll be getting basically for free? Amazon guarantees at least eight samples, and the examples they give are not exactly sample-size samples. Samples shown for the Suds box include Seventh Generation Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit Hand Wash, 12 oz (not cheap), a pack of 65 Cascade Action Platinum ActionPacs, and products by Gain, Wisk, and Planet Cleansers. So real brands and real amounts (although not necessarily those exact ones when they ship mine – I’ll let you know what I get!)

Women’s Skin & Oral Care Beauty Sample Box (under “Beauty & Grooming”)

Amazon Women's Skin & Oral Care Beauty Sample BoxSince I ordered the Women’s Skin & Oral Care Beauty Sample Box  I can’t see it under the available sample boxes to write about – I’m not sure if this is because I’ve already purchased it and the limit is one per customer so it won’t show it to me again, or because it’s sold out. So I’ll make this one brief so I’m not writing all about something that might not be available. I picked this one since it seemed like a good blend of items I “needed” and fun new products. There were good brands shown like Neutrogena, CeraVe, Crest, Garnier, and Nivea, and it seemed like some basics (dental picks! yay!) and some pampering items (eye serum). This was $14.99 for the box and a $14.99 credit, so I figure the worst thing that happens is I use half the products and then still end up with the same $14.99 to spend on stuff I already know I like.

If you order a different box (or the same ones!), comment and let us know how you liked it!





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