Hanna Andersson One-Day Sale

Hanna Andersson One day sale3/22/16Hanna Andersson is having a one-day sale today (3/22/16) with 25% off on everything and free shipping at $75. This is a big deal for two reasons:

  • The 25% off combines with existing sale prices and discounts. For example, training unders are buy one get one 50% off, and so that combines with the 25%. Or if you look at the sale section, you’ll see the prices are now 25% lower than yesterday. My pick for best value is the Twirl Girls Racerback Sundress in Starfish a Pink or Navy, which is somehow $14.25, down from $45.
  • Free shipping! Hanna almost never has free shipping and their shipping fees are pretty high. You can often use ship-to-store to save on shipping (store locator here) but that means you have to have a store near you and go there. So free shipping to your house is huge.
Hanna Andersson Licensed Mini Mouse pajamas for $25.50? Yes please!!

Hanna Andersson Licensed Mickey Mouse pajamas for $25.50? Yes please!!



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