Saving money at the dollar store this summer!

Recently made a trip to my local dollar store and was surprised as to how much good stuff there was to save my family and I money this summer. Here’s a roundup on some deals I found – obviously your local store may have different items. I went to Dollar Tree, which I like because everything is actually $1 – sometimes I forget and go to Dollar General and then am like “wait, why isn’t it all $1?!” So be sure your dollar store is actually a real dollar store!

$1 deals for outside:

If you’re having a picnic or a birthday party, the dollar store is your place to go. Fun shaped mylar balloons, inflated, for $1. Tablecloths, paper goods, 100 napkins for $1, 40 forks for $1, you name it.

For barbecues, they had lots of kitchen supplies for $1, like those little corn-shaped corn on the cob holders, grilling tools, etc.

Plenty of outdoor toys as well, such as pool noodles, bubbles, water guns, etc.

Deals for the home:

I was pretty surprised to find wall decals for $1 at my local store (most wall decals tend to cost way more than that!). I wasn’t crazy about all of them but there were a few that were pretty cute – check out the owls and monkeys at the bottom. I would never have thought about going to a dollar store when I was decorating a kids room, but it would’ve been a a good source if it was.

I don’t use scented candles but if you do, you could’ve found any scent you wanted at the dollar store I went to. Yes, those are Skittles and Starburst scented candles. The real question is who wants grape Starburst scented candles? Clearly the worst flavor!

Other random deals:

imageCards are 2 for $1 at pretty much every dollar store I’ve ever been to. I didn’t spend time browsing here but it could be worth it to go stock up on a bunch of blank cards to have on hand.

Obviously you can also get great deals on similar products at Wal-mart, TargetSam’s Club, or other stores, I just thought it’d be fun to post about the items I found at my dollar store!

Find something good at your dollar store? Comment on this post and let us know!





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