Shootings and sadness.

I feel sad and impotent. As a parent, as a person – so many killings, and all of the victims were somebody’s child. This blog is about helping parents with deals and advice, but who really cares if you can get kids clothes on sale when people are being shot for the color of their skin?

My daughter’s new best friend at camp (who, in the way of kids, she talks about constantly but then giggles and hides when she sees him every morning) is black. Is it right that when they grow up he will be more likely to be harassed by the police and more likely to be shot for the color of his skin? I don’t know how to make sense of any of this because I don’t know how it can be happening. Baton Rouge was sickening, then Falcon Heights, and they were all on top of a long line of other killings. And Dallas – black lives matter isn’t saying that blue lives don’t, so this is just more people dead.

Living in the Boston area, the Boston Marathon bombings caused that same sense of sadness and helplessness, but it felt like a more isolated event that the community rallied around. This is a pattern of people of color, all somebody’s children, being shot and killed, and each time I think this has to be enough and it’s apparent it never is. I am well-intentioned but probably ignorant white parent – what do I do to help? I’ve read lots of conflicting accounts on the internet, and it seems like calling my black friends is bad because it implies that they have a responsibility to educate stupid white people like me, but then not doing anything is bad because it means I don’t care. I looked at the local Black Lives Matter and related events, and they are for people of color only, which I absolutely will respect. But just sitting here and continuing to post about where to find the cheapest children’s shoes seems insanely disrespectful to the losses and the prejudice that people are experiencing all over this country.

So I’ll put it out there, and hope that people comment, because my heart is going out to you: what can we do?





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