Kids bento boxes and lunchboxes/bags: photos of lots of brand combinations!

Which bento box fits in which lunchbox?! Last year, I wrote a blog post about which bento box to buy for your child. This year, people are asking more about lunchboxes and which ones the popular bento brands fit into by themselves, with a snack, etc, so I thought I’d do photos of the various bentos (Yumbox, Bentgo, Planetbox, Skip Hop) and containers that we have inside the various lunchboxes (Garnett Hill, Hanna Andersson, Skip Hop, Crocodile Creek) to hopefully help parents check out the fits. I did photos, open, closed, with snacks, without, etc.

If you want some combo that I missed just comment on this post and I’ll take the photo and add it for you.

The lunchboxes:

From left to right, the lunchboxes (all insulated) we use are:

  1. Garnet Hill Lunch Bag, Dancing Bunnies.
  2. Hanna Andersson What’s For Lunch Bag: this is a new one from the storage closet but we’ve used this same style in a different color this year.
  3. Crocodile Creek Pocket Lunchbox: This link is for the flower  one, whereas ours is the fairy one, but it’s the only link I could find to the same (pocket) style, and dimensions etc are right.
  4. Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag, owl version.

The bento boxes and other containers:

From left to right, the bento boxes and other containers we use are:

  1. Bentgo Kids blue bento box. More info on this one is in my prior post on choosing the best bento box for kids’ lunches.
  2. Laptop Lunches bento-ware (dark blue outside but various colors inside) – this is the largest of the bentos and we don’t use it much because I don’t like the open containers.
  3. Yumbox bento lunch box in lilac (also wrote tons about this in the prior post.)
  4. Skip Hop bento lunchbox kit. My photo is of three of the six  interlocking containers that come with the kit.
  5. Extra-insulated containers: our most-used (in the winter for soups, mostly) are the Aladdin Heat & Go 12 oz lunch bowl the Thermos FOOGO 10oz insulated steel jar, so took photos of these in the boxes as well – figured I might as well show the fit of these, too!

Lunchboxes with bentos and containers inside:

As you can see, the Garnet Hill and Hanna Andersson lunch boxes fit all of the bento boxes and containers listed above. We also often pack two snacks in the lunchboxes and both of these could hold the bentos/containers plus two snacks and utensils and zipper easily. (note: these are giant bananas so they make the scale look odd – imagine the banana to be half as big and that’s probably what you have in your house). Honestly, these come down to what pattern and backpack you like best – the lunchboxes from the two companies are extremely similar.

The Crocodile Creek is similar in size to the Garnet Hill and Hanna Andersson ones, just an example of a horizontal instead of vertical orientation for a lunchbox. It too fit all of the bentos and containers as well as two snacks (I just didn’t take pics of all configurations, but it works the same as the above). This one is nice because it has a pocket on the outside so you could put a snack or something separate in there.

The Skip Hop Zoo Animal bags are adorable but fit slightly less (these are best for a toddler to pre-Kindergartener with the matching backpacks IMO).  This bag fits all of the bentos and containers except the Laptop Lunches bento box (as you can see below). When you add two snacks it works fine with the Yumbox or Skip Hop containers, but it’s a struggle to get two hearty sized snacks zipped in with the Bentgo or the insulated containers (but my littlest loves the owl and the Bentgo, so if you wonder why our owl looks like he’s been up all day, it’s because he’s been packed too full too often). You can see in the bottom row that I did it, but it looks like there are two squirrels fighting in there. So if you know you’re going to do boxes of raisins as snacks, great, but for hearty snacks I might do a Yumbox with this.

We’ve had the Skip Hop bento lunchbox kit (pics below, different than the lunchbox above) for several years and it’s been a good buy for us. I don’t think I’d be my sole pick for a child’s lunchbox, but I use it myself sometimes and it does get sent with the kids if I’ve made certain meals, or we use the interlocking containers for snacks or mulri-part lunches in a different lunch bag. So if you’re looking for utility player for your household, this one has become a surprise favorite. It comes with six interlocking containers but you can only fit three inside, and then of course you can’t really put other snacks, so this is definitely a different concept than the lunch box and bento combos above, but I have it and I like it so I thought I’d include it!

More possibly useful photos:

Here are all of the lunch boxes and all of the bentos and containers laid out together and then photos of the bentos opened. Click on any photo in this blog entry to enlarge it. Again, check out my old post comparing the different bento boxes if you want more details on the insides, sizes, insulation, etc.


All photos are the author’s own. Sorry again for the freakishly large bananas.

I wrote about all of the lunchboxes and bentos that we own and use regularly, and hopefully I’ve covered most of the main choices. This post does contain some affiliate links – for example, I happen to have a Hanna Andersson affiliate link so I used it, but the Garnett Hill links are just regular links. That means that if you happen to click and buy a Hanna lunchbox instead of a Garnett Hill one, I’d get a small percentage of the price that you paid for it (from Hanna – it wouldn’t affect how much you paid). Just want to be clear and again I tried to write about everything that we own (and we sadly own almost all of the major brands) in an unbiased way. Thanks!


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