National Ice Cream Day – this Sunday, July 17

imageNational Ice Cream Day is this Sunday, July 17. In previous years we’ve been awash in offers of free ice cream, but this year things seem to have pulled back quite a bit. Still, here are the deals I could find specific to National Ice Cream Day:

Uber is having an #UberIceCream event this afternoon, Friday, July 15th from 11AM to 3PM, where in various cities around the U.S. you can have Uber drivers deliver ice cream to you for free. The ice cream isn’t necessarily free, but the delivery is. I’m not sure I really understand this one, possibly because I live near a grocery store and also see these magic vehicles called ice cream trucks that also bring ice cream for free, but hey.

On Sunday, National Ice Cream Day itself, there are several promotions going on:

  • Carvel is offering a buy one, get one free promotion for any size soft serve cup or cone.
  • Marble Slab Creamery is offering a buy one, get one free promotion for National Ice Cream Day, but only until 1PM.
  • PetsMart is offering a free dog ice cream at all of their locations with a PetsHotel. You don’t have to be bringing your dog to stay there, they can just go get the free treat (presumably bringing their human too).

Pretty much all of the other national ice cream chains (Baskin Robbins, Coldstone Creamery, Dairy Queen, etc) are offering either a free ice cream or a BOGO deal if you sign up for their loyalty programs online, but those aren’t necessarily specific to the day.

Ben & Jerry’s does their own thing and had free cone day back in April, so isn’t participating in the national day as far as I can tell. And me? I’m holding out for National Coffee Day (September 29th, when we’ll all really deserve at least a free coffee after back-to-school time!)


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