Hanna Andersson Cyber Monday Deals

Here’s the scoop on Hanna Andersson‘s Cyber Monday sale – they’re offering $24 organic cotton pajamas (cheap for Hanna), 20% off everything else including sale, and free shipping no minimum order. Here’s what I like and what I’d wait on:

Faves – buy now:

  • Pjs, especially character pjs – these sell out fast! I bought the Elsa ones during a prior sale and they’re already gone in a bunch of sizes.
  • Outerwear – lots of 50% off options for both genders and Hanna has great coats.
  • Sale items! Some of the dresses and pants are already pretty inexpensive before the discount.

Also if you don’t live near a store I’d probably take advantage of this on whatever you want, as Hanna shipping can be expensive as it’s based on your purchase total, not on weight.

Stuff I’d wait on:

  • Get Appy Appliqué tees – I love these and I know a couple will sell out but there’s such a wide selection that I’d wait for a further discount here. I am buying the Art tees now, though.
  • Bedding and Home- unless you need the free shipping or must have sheets now, Hanna usually will have a bigger discount on home items at some point, so I’m waiting on these. The animal table lamps are adorable but still out of my budget!

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