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I’m a mother of two living in the greater Boston area. As an engineer, I’m always curious about how things work and that extends to my personal life as well. I get a kick out of finding the best products, the best deals, and the best ways to somehow make life run a little more smoothly. You’ll find all sorts of posts on my blogs from a new art project I came up with for my kids to where to get free admission to museums to comparisons of the best places to buy stuff or announcements of sales from brands I like with my thoughts on best buys.

While my family and I live in the Boston area, I try to write about things that are relevant nationally, so hopefully this blog is useful to parents across the country!


I don’t collect your information in any sort of sneaky ways if you read my blog. If you like or follow my blog (more on that in a minute), I will see a notification that says “(your screen name)” likes your post / is now following your blog, same as if I follow your blog you’d see “momlifehacker is now following your blog”.  That’s about it. I don’t participate in AdSense or any of those programs, I just write my blog on WordPress.

If you follow (more below) I don’t get your email address – the platform hosting this blog holds that info and then sends you a notification when there’s a new post. I can’t just be like “hey, let me email Amy123 directly about some random thing!”

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Product Info:

Whenever I review a product or write about pricing or a particular store, that is all my own choices. I try to be helpful by finding the cheapest places to find things.  This blog will sometimes contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click to by a product through a specific retailer may be compensated a small amount, which goes towards the hosting of this blog. I do not receive products for free to review – like I wrote a post about Native Shoes because I like Native Shoes and got annoyed that there was no good size chart, they did not send me free shoes nor were there any affiliate links in that post, I just wanted to write about it. So if I’m writing my ideas on inexpensive holiday gifts or comparing where to buy a certain kind of child’s product, I write about whatever ideas or products I like the most and I look at and post links to whatever stores have what I see as good current deals on the product (e.g. not only someplace that’s an affiliate link). I want you all to find this blog to be useful and fair and so that is very important to me! does not accept ads, thanks!


If you have thoughts on stuff I’ve left out of a post, or something that you’d like to see me write about, please feel free to let me know. I am happy to give you credit if you’d like it “So-and-so suggested a great source for this” so just say the word. There are lots of random thoughts and ideas going around the universe at any given time, though, so I can’t guarantee that I haven’t already thought of or been working on a post about something (currently cooking ideas – physical therapy / muscle strengthening for kids made fun at home, kids and winter sports, the Hour of Code, easy lunch ideas, a follow up on my where to donate hard-to-donate items post, etc.). I think I had the CVS post as a draft for two months before I actually finished it because I kept finding other things I wanted to write about instead.

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