Wild Child and its owner

Boston-area children’s boutiques that I love w/ President’s Day sales (and online ordering!)

Two of my favorite Boston-area baby and kid-related boutiques, Magic Beans and Wild Child, are having good Presidents Day Weekend / Valentine’s Day sales, so worth stopping in if you are nearby or checking them out online if you’re not. I have shopped at both stores for years – since before my oldest was born,…


Part of our assortment of bento boxes

Choosing the best bento box for kids school lunches

Thinking about getting a bento box to use for your children’s lunches? Here’s how we thought about the different kids bento box type options and what we chose. We liked the concept of a bento box because of the  limited time for lunch at school, the opportunity for portion control, and the ease of use, and…

Summer camp stock photo from Foter

Greater Boston area summer day camps – general camps vs. specialty camps, details, costs, dates, etc.

This post is for my fellow Boston-area and Greater Metrowest parents who are looking at summer day camps for their children. Yes, it’s the beginning of January but some camps already have registration open, or will have it open in the next week, while others don’t even have their schedules out yet. Add to that…