St. Patrick’s Day etc. children’s clothes and shoe sales, part 2 (shoes plus Hanna and Gymbo updates!)

Here’s part 2 of my roundup of the particularly good St. Patrick’s day/ Easter / March sales going on now for children’s clothing and shoes. Part 1 was mostly clothing, so this post will be mostly about which shoe brands have special deals going on – Livie and Luca, Umi, Bogs, Crocs, etc. But first, an update on two of the clothing brands from part 1 of this post:

Native shoes – which style should you buy for your child? Guide to Jeffersons, Millers, and other watershoe/sneaker hybrids!

For my kids, summer isn’t summer without Native shoes. Or spring or fall, for that matter. Native is a Canadian company that makes lightweight injection-molded EVA shoes (among other products). Translation? Anti-microbial rubber shoes that adjust to kids’ feet, never get that stinky feet smell, and work as both water shoes and running around shoes.…