child canoeing and holding a canoe paddle

Secret amazing family boating spot near Boston (or, how we went canoeing this weekend and had a blast)

We decided to try to go boating on the spur-of-the-moment this weekend, and found a fantastic spot so I of course have to share. We went to the Middlesex Fells, where we’ve been plenty of times to go hiking, but haven’t explored┬áthe Stoneham side at Spot Pond much so didn’t know that you could rent…


Fruits and vegetables

Need help feeding your family? Want to help others in need? Food Link MA and more.

If you need help feeding your family or know folks who do, or if you want to volunteer to help others get food, I just learned about a neat organization, Food Link MA. I was at my local library recently and saw a great display of food resources, so I reached out to the organization…